Video of the Week

Here is the Wake Up and Act weekly video found most illuminating for those new to the ‘awakening’ process.

“… the 10 steps to shutting down a democracy are present right now in America…”
A must watch video.


In this entertaining must watch video the process whereby the private bank called ‘the Federal Reserve’ was born, and how exactly it controls the U.S. Government.  Watch at your own risk.  I also advise those who go to Wiki to check on the ‘facts’ also keep in mind what a ‘facts’ someone would find about Jewish businesses during the last days before the Nazi’s came out of the closet with the final solution.  I plead with you to keep an open mind, and to compare what this video describes with how things actually work today.  Regardless of what official history says, the proof – as they say – is in the tasting of the pudding.


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