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Television is the drug, it’s got mood it’s got meaning…

An interesting article about how we are fighting a war for our minds



Government Steals From Citizens

Forgive me, but if I were paying expensive Tivo fees, and I found out that the U.S. governement went INTO MY HOME and deleted television shows that were saved to my PVR.. without permission and without even notification I would be seething mad…   They do NOT want you to see what was recorded there.   They make it illegal to have Raw almonds because it’s “for our own good”… they take come into our own home.. you got it… “for our own good”

the following videos were reported by Tivo users as deleted without permission.  My own take on this, that the specific nature of the deletions speak volumes.  They would have been better off deleting the whole drive claiming it was a malfunction.  To specifically single out only the videos containing damning evidence is very telling.

Think about this one.  You get home from a hard day of working and find the television show on your PVR missing… deleted by your own government!

Soon, based on the U.S. governements attempts to gain control of the internet.   Watch the three episodes above.  They are currently on youtube but I have very little faith that they will continue to be available.   I highly recommend that you download, and archive to show others when events predicted in these shows start to actually happen.  This will be the call to arms our own government doesn’t want us to have easy access too.


This is no joke people.  We need to WAKE UP… and ACT.