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America IS fighting back… but they don’t show you.

Civil unrest and demonstrations are ramping up, but the coverage on big media is one sided (that’s being generous).  Here are some scenes that give you an idea of how upset people are… and how they ARE expressing themselves…   We the people outnumber them 100,000 to one.  This basic math is what they strive to keep us in the dark about.  The truth is, as it has always been, that if we stand up and refuse.  There is nothing they can do.  Egypt needs to happen HERE… NOW.  This means peaceful mass resistance by clogging the very mechanisms by which they function.  Airports, Federal buildings.  Be the gum in the works.  They cannot overpower us unless we let them… and we are letting them.


Alex Jones launches V campaign. Their least favorite letter.

Simply, one man speaking in this day and age is sometimes enough for revolutionary change.  Let us hope so, because North American needs it in the worst way… freedom that is.

READ ARTICLE… “You are the Resistance”

Repeat.  Repost.  Resist.