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Want to feel great? Eat only real Salt, drop Dairy and Wheat. No ifs, ands or buts.

Eat only real Salt, drop Dairy and Wheat. Drink lots of filtered water,  No ifs, ands or buts.

The common response when I tell people that the foods they eat are pushed on them for the sole purpose of making them ill is ‘that makes no sense’.  I strongly urge anyone who questions or thinks for themselves will realize that all is not right with the world.  Science is slowly catching up with the lies, but the administration makes any truth about the food we eat almost impossible to fight against.  The entire system is one giant pacification and death machine.  Anyone familiar with the exponential growth of human beings, animals, bacteria, will realize that the current system cannot be maintained.  The average growth rate in most American cities is between 5 and 7 percent.  This means the growth rate doubles the population every 10 years.   If the trend holds without interference there will be almost 600 million people in the U.S. by the year 2021.  How many here think that is a sustainable population with the current resources?  Raise your hands.

So what is the solution?  Well there are many.  China didn’t shy from this looming issue, eventuality, they made the number of children a couple could have LESS than the replacement figure (1), yet their population has steadily been on the climb and now tops 1 billion.  Any guess what a 2040 world will look like with 50 billion people or more?   Hell on earth.  So is it really so ‘out there’ that those in power – no not the Federal Governments of the world – have enacted a plan to both control and KILL their populations.  Reduced lifespan means lowered growth figures.  We haven’t even gotten to the really good population control measures yet.  The storm attack on the gulf with Katrina was the first. (a natural storm allowed to come ashore, technology to bust storms has been present for 50+ years, as well as engineered bacteria that eats oil. The gulf has been under attack for 10 years).    It must be obvious to anyone living there that this an attack on their food source, their way of life, and the ability of the area to feed it’s people, not to mention some of the more esoteric concerns, like the southern states still retain massive amounts of American Libertarians which when the gloves come off will be of genuine concern to those in power.

So, wake up.  Do some research.

If you go to google and search for “wheat genetic autoimmune” you will see the articles and information that doctors scoff at and ridicule you for believing, but the proof they say is in the pudding.

Google “autoimmune dairy disease”  you will find enormous support for the idea that Milk and dairy products are not good for a large percentage of us.

Google “contents seasalt vs. contents table salt”  you will find that NaCl is erroneously called ‘salt’ and put in everything.  It’s an intentional act meant to addict us to a very toxic substance when consumed stripped of it’s natural components – 80+ minerals and compounds.

If you want to get healthy, it will first require you to actively take part in waking up your mind to the alternatives.  Firstly, that our diet has absolutely NOT been a normal human diet, the correct diet for the creature we are physically is that which existed prior to agriculture.  We are a creature of the earth.  Using common sense and logic it’s not to hard to find out that we as Homo Sapien have been eating grains only for a short period of our evolutionary experience. Evolutionary scientists state is the minimum generational span to fully adapt to a new food source is 500 generations or approximately 10,000 years.  Since Wheat has been in our diet for between 5 and 2,000 years depending on who you read, it means that if evolution is to be trusted, only a small percentage of us are even partially adapted to the foodsources wrought by agriculture, which includes all dairy, all grains, all domesticated animal flesh… It’s like a community of lions suddenly deciding to only eat grass and people.  They would die horribly over generations.  Sound familiar?

Based on the estimated 1.5 million year evolutionary span for upright hominids, our agriculture represents 0.4% of our history.  Using common sense do you not question how the media could tell you that Dairy and Grain is supposed to be in our diet?  There is ZERO evidence to support this.   ZERO.  If you ask anyone who does not eat these food groups they will tell you that once they removed these items their general health improved as well as their mental clarity and emotional stability.

For more info about Wheat and it’s physical impact on the body
INTERVIEW – http://www.chetday.com/cordaininterview.htm

Do your own research.  Your health and happiness is literal at stake.  (not steak)

To start, try this article, it should at least make you question what is in your fridge.    You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

If Dairy can cause diabetes, what about RA, MS and other autoimmune disorders.

When people with celiac disease eat foods or use products containing gluten, their immune system responds by damaging or destroying villi—the tiny, fingerlike protrusions lining the small intestine. Villi normally allow nutrients from food to be absorbed through the walls of the small intestine into the bloodstream. Without healthy villi, a person becomes malnourished, no matter how much food one eats.   read more…



Deconstructing Mind Control.

I am going to discuss one of the primary reasons this invasion is going as planned.  Mind control.  Now the term brings to mind crazy people with bombs strapped to themselves.  But as far as human nature goes, any deceptive technique to modify the way you think, thus impacting the choices you make is mind control.  I’m not talking about any mysterious technology beaming rays into our brains but instead simple techniques infused within media and our society have a cumulative affect of removing our need to think and make decisions for ourselves.  When important life decisions must be made we automatically reach for an expert and follow their recommendations blindly.   I have always asked questions and looked into why things were the way they are, so because of my nature I ran into discrepancies rather quickly.

I have decided to wade through the different methods used to put us in a position where self determination about our own wellbeing is made by others.


Me: You shouldn’t eat NaCl, try seasalt instead, since it’s NaCl and all it’s minerals.

Friend: NaCl IS salt, what are you talking about.

At this point I would need to deprogram with a series of pointed logical arguments.  At first the resistance is enormous!  People do not want to believe what they have been doing is dangerous to them and their family.  The brainwashing is so complete they defy basic logic and evidence alike and flatly refuse to see the difference.  Or, they do, and don’t care, or minimize the net affect or how it plugs into the other programs.

NaCl is not Salt.  We are a cash crop for pharmacorp.

Wheat & Dairy:

Me: There is substantial evidence that Wheat can actually trigger autoimmune disorders like Fibromyalgia and MS, and dairy is not readibly digestible by more than half the population causing a myriad of ailments for those not able to digest it properly.

Friend: My country food guide says I should have this much bread every day.

Every single incident in history where the public has trusted politicians or organizations.. they have been lied to.  It’s human nature and the law of averages and opportunity.  The most motivated of all for power are those devoid of ethics.  Few honorable men lust for power.  Thus we have throughout history been ruled by unethical or plain evil men.  The brief periods where altruism is at the top of the pyramid is when good men have been forced to destroy evil and take over the government.   When you start trusting your government and all it’s linked corporations like banks and enforcement wings (FBI,CIA,FDA,etc) over genuine medical research or even the force of logic or your own gut…then you know you are on the wrong side of the line, you are officially over the limit.  Operating a brain while under mind control.   Your beliefs, thereby your choices and attitudes are formed by what you are told via the media, officials, teachers, etc.   If most of them are preaching the same message controlled by their masters up the money stream, then you will believe it too.  If every source says the same thing, even if the truth is clear and logic, today most people will not question but side with the corporation propaganda.

Yet somehow grain and dairy ended up as our primary food.

Credit Cards:

Me: You should cut up your credit card.

Friend:  What?  I love my credit card.

The credit card is a micro version of the system which the founding fathers of the United States actually went to war to ensure never came back.   Andrew Jackson fought the central bank in the late 1830s and when asked on his deathbed what accomplishment he was most proud of he said simply, “I killed the banks”.  This is how dedicated to retaining freedom from money controlling all things. In the beginning, were free from the Bank, which is what the war of independence was about to be free from Britian aka bank control.  Well, after the Battle of Waterloo anyway.   The inflation system is the pump that drives their profits.  The credit card is a compliment to the bank’s desire to ensure you are in as much debt as possible.  Debt means leverage and power.  Do as we say, pay as we want or we will take everything.  You don’t own anything.  You are borrowing it from your master.  Even a house isn’t yours.  You may own the land, but if the Federal reserve really is a private bank which loans money to the Federal government than in the end they can take it away regardless of the paper deed you hold in your hand.  It happens all the time.  A massive global private corporation now holds the final say in America. Exactly as they feared would happen.

A credit card should be viewed as a leech.  It has a similar slow and subtle affect on your financial wellbeing as it would to it’s target host fish.  They have been doing this to us for hundreds of years, they understand humanity quite well and use our nature against us at every corner. If you have a high credit limit, which you notice kind of rises like a thermometer as fast as they can reasonably justify.  The idea here is that they want you to get greedy.  They want you to go out and max the card.  Then… after you rearrange your life to afford the $150 minimum payment you get ‘good news!’.  Honey, we have a new limit!  So what do you do?  Go on a spending spree.   You are already feeling suppressed overworked from their other avenues of suppression, like your mortgage, taxes, etc.  Now the original idea of a useful emergency resource has been transformed into a substantial debt by that new computer, or that big screen TV.  It seems like the perfect thing to get that thing we could never afford before.  Some people I know have allowed leech central to ratchet up their limits to $30,000.  This is for a normal family!  Think about that.  A $600+ a month tithe to the leechcorp credit card wing.  Of that $600 what goes to pay back what you bought?  Half or less.  Think about that for a moment.  You are burning $300 a month.  You are spending $300 a month for an extra bottle to hold money.  Their bottle on their terms… for the use of this amazing cookie jar is a mere 18% (typical starting interest).

Society as a whole has been engineered to make NOT having a crack card practically impossible.  Ever try to get a video card without a credit card?  How about rent a car?   I know many that get a credit card just to be able to do these things more easily.  It’s strongly frowned upon NOT to have a credit card.   Also worth noting is that our spending habits are also now centralized and can be used to make choices about where to put their focus.  If we just used a cookie jar and saved the lump sum we needed it would be all your own. We are our own worst enemy.

So to make it really clear… the only difference in net benefit for you to have a credit card of any kind is borrowing the money.  This kind of loan is engineered to earn the most amount of money possible.   If you need $5000 you would be so much better off borrowing the money at a low interest rate, and paying it back on a schedule, then it’s over.. Instead you borrow the money and are constantly re borrowing and purchasing things with more money you borrow.  It’s like offering a caged animal a tasty apple.  The animal will eat it happily not knowing it contained drugs.  Every day they will eat the apple, because they trust the person handing them the food.

Considering that most people make only minimum payments and that a lot of people use their cards frequently for small purchases.  Even average people are paying on a (insert your limit here) loan that never goes away.   Plus, since you are only paying minimum payment you are adding a cost of purchase to whatever you buy.  Do the math.  You buy something for $100, thus maxing out your card limit.  Then make the $100 minimum payment.  You now have $50 some odd dollars available again on your card.  Is it my imagination or did that item just cost over $150?  It can easily be explained away by financial percentages and rate of interest, but the net affect to anyone actually using these things in this manner is that it costs way more than advertised.  Start tracking how much you spend on visa payments vs. the cost of what you buy using your credit card.  I think you will find that the difference isn’t representative of the 18% per annum interest.

If you use it, then pay it off immediately none of this applies.  So it seems safe and friendly.  However, in your own experience, how many people do you know that are able to do that with their credit card?  They understand the working person, they know a credit card is a gateway to worming their way into your finances and basically owning a chunk of you.  If you find that statement somewhat over the top, perhaps ask anyone you know how they feel about their large revolving credit debt.  Another very disturbing point is to look at this system overlaid upon the taxation system in 12th century Europe.  We all cringe when we watch films set in those times, rail against the robber barons in their castles, squeezing the poor so the rich could get richer.  The credit card system is a system designed to reward the rich and feed from the poor.  No society can exist with an extravagant bloated ruling class without the common man footing the bill.  There just isn’t enough for everyone to be staggeringly rich, so the rich who are obsessed with getting richer fail to heed ethics (why should they) when the design systems to extract yet even more profit from everyone. Not caring at all that the system hobbles families and destroys lives.

to be continued…