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Pain Causing agent is being dumped in food!

MSG gives some people headaches.  In fact the ‘glutamate’ component actually causes pain and in some triggers headaches or migraines.  Have a headache?  Take some ibuprofen, which is a glutamate blocker.  Why is it some people suffer from headaches, joint pain, fatigue and overall feeling of illness?  Likely the most important thing to avoid in food is glutamate.   It’s presence leads to pain, and anyone dosing themselves with foods containing glutamate can attest, it triggers massive headaches.  Imagine if this substance was hidden in the foods most of us eat EVERY DAY even if we actively avoid MSG.   Glutamate is EVERYWHERE.

It is nearly impossible to become healthy when every evening all we can do is take pain medication and lie on the couch feeling tired and achey.  How much would you pay to have a week without pain… a month even without a Friday headache.   What if I were to tell you that if you actively remove glutamate from your diet… this is exactly what will happen.   In fact, I have not had a headache more than once a month for over two years now.  No aches… no pains…


Pain every day will lead to depression, which will lead to genuine physical malfunction.  Chronic fatique syndrom?  Bunk.  It’s really food poisoning.

Wake Up and ACT!