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Television is the drug, it’s got mood it’s got meaning…

An interesting article about how we are fighting a war for our minds



Fight oppresion with logic, law and calm.

Some passive resistance techniques I’ve learned dealing with dark overlords.
RE: issue of forcible injections of any kind.

STEP ONE:  Decide if you want to fight it.   The stakes are high, but imagine if all what we are saying is true, and that the vaccine IS a way of tracking you… that it IS loaded with toxins they flatly lie about… Based on all the critically ill people all over the world, this is more likely.  Also consider why they are making it mandatory.  So the choice here is an old one to humanity, submit to a police state out of fear.. or fight for your liberty.

Luckily there are still viable ways to fight back that likely will do more good to the cause of freedom than simply getting fired or quitting… or heaven forbid accept the injection.  Some suggestions follow:

If you are suggested to sign a release, take it saying you want your lawyer to look it over first.  Nobody is legally allowed to be forced to sign anything against their will.  For any reason.  If they insist you sign it.  Sign it your bosses name.

Be absent with an ‘illness’ the injection day.  If it’s a four day thing, be sick that long.  Everyone has sick days, and even if you don’t have any left,  go to the doctor and be very ill… get a note… you are good. Go for coffee. Go to the bathroom. Simply Vanish. They can’t restrain you from that. You don’t have to refuse just not be present.

Your dodging will eventually lead to your employer calling you into their office to ask why you are one of the few that has yet to receive the death dose. Your response is your choice but some suggestions.

1. “I’m sorry, I have been advised by my doctor to not have any additional drugs of any kind for my current condition.”  They can NOT demand you to explain, your personal medical condition is your business, plus they can’t call your doctor and ask him/her because patient medical records are private by law.  If they do demand further clarification the best way to respond is to question them instead.  “are you under the impression that I am obligated in any way to respond to that question?”  If they say yes, “I’m sorry, it is my understanding that this is not the case, can you please show me in the job description, or the work contract where it says my employment is contingent on the company having access to my medical records?”.  If they say no, then respond, “now you are”… again.  you win.

2. I was having a conversation with my religious leader the other day.  I currently believe that injecting unknown ‘blood’ into my body is AGAINST GOD! If you refuse a blood transfusion to save your life they would need to go to federal court to MAKE YOU.. and even then it often fails.

The point is, the only way to resist is to use existing and powerful systems of law as a refuge.  Defying them using their own rules will fail, since they have infiltrated almost everything.  However, the manner in which they have taken over is not uniform.  Many systems are still intact.  Otherwise they would not be filing patents for weather control technology, and these patents would not still be in plain sight for us to see.  By resorting to the medical system (which they have made almost omnipotent) you are using their own restrictive laws against them.   By resorting to the religion card, you are confusing them and making them take a step back to figure out how to respond. The secret that will be your strength is that they are overconfident, and any legitimate stumbling block will make them either write you off as an anomaly and let you pass (just like the Borg).  Or they will just fire you anyway, which allows you to have a legal recourse to raise awareness of the injustice.

By putting your employer in a position of firing you for a DIFFERENT reason than non compliance with a wrongful order. You can then sue them in civil court for wrongful dismissal.

This is all based on my fights with various employers, landlords and government agencies including the Revenue Monsters.  However, legal clarification from an American Lawyer would be appreciated.

If anyone decides to say no to an unknown substance being injected into their blood stream – as they should – should seek legal advise for the express purpose of saying NO.  There are plenty of avenues for passive resistance.  Making your employer fire you is best.  If you knuckle under to this… I guess you only have the opinion of myself and thousands of other researcher activists out there saying this is only the first and mild violation of your liberty.  More and worse things are yet to come.  Which each time will become less and less possible to resist.  NOW is the time to draw the line.

The essential success for passive resistance in my opinion is learning your rights to the fullest degree possible and using various aspects to confound and confuse people trying to oppress you.  I have found that oppression draws people to itself which are NOT enlightened or educated. If they were, they wouldn’t be in that position.  The realisation that the only thing they have over us is physical force, that in every way that’s important they are less capable than any single free thinking human.  Fear and power are their only strength.  We must learn to use our superior force to bend, deflect and return their actions against them.  Force against force will usually end in them winning.

If you enter against a peaceful opponent with extreme force count on the peaceful masses figuring out a way in short order to turn your own inappropriate use of force against yourself.  History teaches us that this is a universal law of both energy and human civilization.  Evil and force always at first conquer, but such systems will always collapse under their own weight.  Everything expended in force eventually needs to be balanced.  Evidence doesn’t lie, but interpretations and belief can hide it from those who don’t seek it.   There is no coincidence that cultures not on the path of power and control are self sustaining and stable.  Look at every single peace loving cooperative culture that live all over our planet.  They may not be at peace with others – usually because of being attacked – but they are all at peace with themselves.  This is the energy humanity is supposed to thrive in.  Control, is an illusion.  No man can control anything about another, other than the physical aspects of existence, and any self aware human knows we are not a product of what we own or where we live.

Fighting doesn’t mean matching their oppression with equally violent opposition, but instead, like any martial arts expert will tell you, the best way to fight a stronger opponent is to use his own overstepping aggression against him.  By moving yourself out of the way of the lunge one can allow your oppressor to fall face first into the mat.

Even if, in the end you loose your job.  You will have forced them to expend thousands of dollars fighting you.  In the end, you will have had time to find employment with places that refuse to comply with anything like that.   I know there are employers that refuse to collect the illegal IRS/Revenue Canada income tax from their employees.  Anything you can imagine… can be your life.  Don’t think with the energy they project – fear – use your own mind.

the Federal Reserve wants your guns.

After nearly destroying the habitat of the entire south east United States TPTB now want any means the Libertarian south may have to actively defend itself against a totalitarianism regime.    it’s not enough to kill you, poison you and corrupt the liberty compass which your founding fathers died for, now they must ensure it’s easy to manage you in your prison too.  Gun control in every study I’ve read actually increases crime.  It’s yet ANOTHER giant lie.  Gun control is patently contrary to the wishes of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States.  They are actively and brutally disolving the very foundations which all the patriotic rhetoric is based until one day you will wake up to a country that has a new constitution, one that doesn’t recognise Liberty, only power and wealth.  Sorry, that’s already happened, on January 18th, 2011 the constitution was overturned by Federal court.  The U.S. you think exists, exists no longer.  The longer it takes to realise this, the more likely it becomes that these changes become the new America.  It’s pretty hard to petition the government from inside a FEMA camp.


U.S. Constitution sways judges less than personal opinions, and that’s ok.

It’s finally here. Tangible evidence that even the most programmed and plugged in will recognize as serious. Now, if a judge decided to put you in jail for 100 years for walking on the wrong side of the street… basically you will have no recourse. Explain to this researcher how that differs in any tangible ways from the Spanish Inquisition? The United States is now the most powerful dictatorship ever to grace the stage of history. They have both the power and apparently the will to bring the entire planet under their ever increasing darkness of their ‘Patriot Act’. Which in my opinion is the greatest insult to a Patriot possible. Why are people accepting this?

ARTICLE – Truthsquad.tv
ARTICLE – yahoo news

Possible reaction based on previous trends.
1. The story will be buried like so many others.  The people involved will be threatened and or fired and or killed.  In 1983 the popular press announced that the tenth planet had been found.  I know this because I WAS THERE.  This story is now considered fiction.  The movie Annunaki was in full production and was completely shut down and eradicated.  I remember seeing the trailer and the in progress and production artwork.  I’m a film maker as well and I was very much looking forward to this film.
2. The entire site will be nuked.  It’s happened with 70+ other sites in the past few months, Yahoo isn’t beyond such an action.   It’s less likely than possibility 1 due to the obviousness of such an action.  Though, how much more obvious can you get than your highest court supporting clear acts against it’s constitution.  If that’s not the act of a puppet court, I don’t know what is.
3. They will spin it.  We NEEDED to do this protect (insert lie here).  We are looking out for you, stay tuned to proof why each of the overturned actions was good for you.  BELIEVE.

I have archived each article, and I suggest you do the same.

Direct evidence suggesting educational isolationism.

Any American believing they are not under the influence of an active campaign to keep them ignorant of anything outside their borders needs to take the hard plunge here. Being Canadian means we are right next door, but more or less outside the American information isolationism..
If it can be easily demonstrated statistically that most average Americans have little or no practical knowledge of Canada or anything we are about, then one must by the bounds of logic ask the question.
How much do the people know, those supporting actual Military invasion of a country overseas! Do you really know anything about Canada? If you say no, how can you as a citizen possibly decide with your votes  or your money regarding the true nature of any action by the Federal Government?

While watching this, keep in mind that nothing Rick Mercer asks is real. Rick Mercer is one of Canada’s most respected journalists and comedians. He via his own efforts has being tirelessly pointing out the net affect of education and mind control in both of our country. Don’t worry, the U.S. is only an occasional target, normally he targets our own messed up government.


Watch his “Talking to Americans”. I know it’s uncomfortable, but again, the blue pill or the red. Your choice.


More about Canada:


Australia, talking to Americans.


This is not attack on the American people by this author, but a wakeup call to parents who have children in school.  Educate your children about the world.  The institution you placed your trust in to teach and prepare your child for the world is failing you.  The world has become a big void to most Americans and the “Us vs. Them” attitude has become more and more insidiously instituted.  Take a step forward toward world peace.  Learn about the countries and peoples your own country demonizes.   If you take this step, the truth will reveal the blank areas in your knowledge, and hopefully awaken you to how you have been shafted by your own government.  This is a modern phenomenon of control, present in many countries including my own.  However, only one country has made a career of being the biggest on the block and taken up the mantle of being the school-yard bully.  It is only sensible to shield it’s citizens from it’s crimes abroad.  It’s your duty as a citizen to question each and every assault upon liberty.

This sentiment bears repeating.

I am very happy to see someone taking a stand against what is happening to the United States and by proxy the rest of the planet. The Banks own the U.S. Anyone from the outside can see this, since they are way less poison saturated and controlled by the media. The general public still wants to believe that their America is the same one viewed by the world after WWII… Sadly, this is not the case. Not that it’s the fault of the American people. This has been a slow, planned, methodical erosion of your values and rights.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. ” Thomas Jefferson. While in France 1787