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Tangible help getting off the Toxic Food Grid.

I have decided to record today’s meal.  Normally after drinking about 400ml of this blend I can operate with incredible energy.  Having one of these at least three times a week will allow your body to increase it’s metabolic function and start clearing toxins.  The net effect is that you will within a very short period of time start feeling like your inner 18 year old.

Things you will need.

Blending Jar – at least 1 litre – musts have a sealing top

Hand blender. I use an inexpensive 200w Braun blender.  The idea that you need an expensive juicer or even a blender at all is completely false.  In fact, I prefer the control a hand device gives me.

Organic foods.

If you are not using organically grown foods… stop here.  There is almost no point in doing this unless it is organically grown without pesticides.   The average produce one can get in Safeway is practically without any nutritional value..  If you steam it or cook it, you might as well drink the water and throw away the food.  Our agricultural setup is so mechanized and so toxic…

Water – do not use tap water which is FULL of various chemicals including chlorine.  NOT good for you.

recommended – Santevia water filtration system – creates naturally purified water free of biological and toxic contaminants but not free of natural minerals.  It is true that water missing it’s minerals will actually leech minerals from YOUR cells.  It’s a function of osmotic pressure.


1.Water – 250ml  – water is of major importance to natural cell function. Plus it helps with blending.

2.Celery – 2 stalks.

3.Carrots – 2 medium Carrots

– chop up both the celery and carrots into small pieces.

Blend in the celery until smooth, then add the carrots a handful at a time.  With your hand blender it will be pretty easy to pulp this, if it’s added in small amounts.

4.Apples – 1 apple – optional, but adds both nutrients and flavour.  I am using organically grown granny smith today.  One whole apple cut into 8 wedges.  I cut the core out with two cuts of the tip of the knife, then to make it easy on my blender, cut each wedge in half… then add the 16 chunks to the mix and blend until smooth.  It’s critical that any thin-skinned fruit NOT be the irradiated, toxic kind readily available.  Strawberries or any other berries are also very bad.  They are sprayed multiple times throughout their growth cycle and are loaded with various chemical toxins.   Again I stress, doing this is a waste of time if you use any products of modern agriculture.

5.Almond Breeze.  – Blue Diamond – 100ml –  Almonds are an EXCELLENT source of many things, and almond breeze is loaded with readily available calcium and unlike milk is not full of shredded fat cells – what did you think homogenization means?  Almonds were the first thing the food cartel banned.  Any almonds you buy in stores are pasturized, which the FDA’s official term for DEAD.  Irradiated food is also ‘pasteurized’.  The law forbidding the export of raw almonds from California was the first law introduced in the mid 80’s.   Natural almond milk like Almond Breeze is 10x better to drink than milk, plus it comes in awesome flavours.  Today I’m using the unsweetened chocolate, which is absolutely fabulous to sip when feeling sick.

6.Orange Juice Concentrate – 1/5th can.  Organic here would be my choice.  This functions as mostly flavour, with some nutritional benefits.   Non organic oranges are important here.

7.Spicy.  –  I often put in a few healthy dashes of Frank’s Red hot.  It adds a wonderful after kick… this is a personal choice.  😛

8.Real Fruit – Stahlbush Island Farms – small handful – This is another personal taste ingredient.  I recommend blueberries, since they are well known as a superfood and add many imporant nutrients.  However the brand I usually use offers “Health Berry Blend” which contains Marion Blackberries, Blueberries and black Raspberries.   The common intential misconception here is that ‘fresh’ fruit is better for you than frozen.  This is a patent LIE.  The amount of time the average fruit you buy from Safeway or SaveOn have been sitting exposed to the destructive affects of air and heat for WEEKS.   Where natural products like these frozen fruits are flash frozen only hours after harvest.  The next best thing to actually eating them from the bush!   This applies to organically grown foods, but normally the process used for organics is different than the manufacturing methods used for standard food.



9.Yogurt – Liberte – One or two large spoonfuls –  The flavour is up to you, today I’m using strawberry.  Probiotics are an important factor to retain or maintain health.  GMO foods are dangerous, but many people don’t understand why.  Basically when you eat GMO there is a chance that the genetic material can be adopted by the natural bacterial ‘friends’ in your GI tract.  If this were to happen, and it DOES, your friendly bacteria would adopt the functionality of the GMO food.  In the case of corn, that would be to indefinitely produce insect based insecticides… think about that.  If you doubt this, go online and search google,  ‘research gmo human’.  The hogurt here plays two roles, to add smoothness and a creamy texture, and to give you a small healthy dose of the primary bacteria you need (there are many).  This will help repopulate your GI tract with healthy unaltered organisms.

9.Coconut Oil – Nutiva – One spoonful – People have been lied to about fat.  Fat is an essential part of our bodies operation.  To avoid fat in an effort to get healthy is likely the fastest way to become unhealthy and overweight.   I add a small amount of natural coconut  This product contains no hydrogenated or trans fats, no cholesterol or hexane.  It’s a complete food that your body will metabolize and use immediately.  Very important.  In fact, I recommend removing any hot pressed oils and fabricated foods.  Canola is EVIL.  It’s made with extremely toxic chemicals and is itself a genetically modified version of rapeseed, which is an oil humans have serious issues metabolizing.  A good rule of thumb is, if it was used in ancient cultures or for that matter, by us before 1920 it’s ok.  Cold pressed mustard, flax, coconut (nature’s wonderfood) are all examples of excellent oils.

10. Omega Oils – Barlean – 3-6-9 –  This natural oil product will feed your brain and immune system.  ADHD is a pretend disease caused by the food (or lack of it).  I have had complete revolutionary success with ADHD symptoms.  When essential fatty acids and oils were added symptoms vanished… it’s that simple.  If you have a behaviour issue with your children this drink will both be tasty and remove behaviour issues within a month.  Try it if you don’t believe me. Also, I recommend NOT to get any sort of ‘flavour’.  It will stand out like a sore thumb, ruining the balance of flavours I’ve worked so long to achieve.  😛

11. Lemon Juice – Santa Cruz Organic – aprox. 40ml-60ml – Both vinager and lemon juice actually get converted to base in the body.  Almost everyone on today’s toxic foodgrid will be far too acid.  This disrupts cell function and leads to issues.  Adding a small amount of this WONDERFUL product will help you balance to your normal PH (7.4).

12. Berry Green – One scoop – I left the most important for near the end.  This is the only product I would say is essential.  This gives us all the trace minerals, and nutrients no longer found in ALL agriculturally grown products.  By adding a small scoop of this amazing product you essentially give your body everything it needs to build new cells, clear toxins and restore normal chemical brain function.  Like the omega oils, if you have this drink even twice a week, you will notice extreme changes in consciousness and feelings of well-being within only a month.


13. Banana – One – It’s the same case here, organic bananas might as well be considered completely different animals from ‘normal’ bananas.  They are a superfood like blueberries, in at least one study I read they were considered above and beyond the blueberry for nutrients.  Also, in a smoothie they increase smoothness and add the wonderful banana flavour.


MYTHs debunked:

1. There is no way a smoothie can compete with steak and potatoes.

FALSE –  The above collection of products is balanced, and most people could live on this for months.  In fact, once you start removing toxins from your diet you will find that hunger will not find you until afternoon if you have a 300ml-400ml serving of the above smoothie.  It contains all the roughage and required nutrients for balanced function of your entire system.  My personal experience is that after consuming my ‘dose’  I feel like running around in a circle for an hour… like a lot of children who have more energy than they know what to do with.  This surplus of energy is NOT a function of childhood, but in fact our normal state without the suppressant and toxic affects of MOST of agricultural foods.


2. The best way to lose weight is to diet.

WRONG.. oh so wrong.  Diets by their very existence is counter our natural eating system.  We as animals are supposed to chose our food.  When was the last time you saw an animal ask another animal what they should eat.  Think about that… we have become so dependent on the system to tell us what to do.   By counting calories, restricting our diet, we essentially remove our own intuition and natural systems and no longer can even feel true hunger or cravings.  Throw out your scale and stop counting calories.  It’s all a method to keep you on the treadmill and keep you paying for things you don’t need.  Forget vitamins, they are to suppliment food that is devoid of vitamins.  In fact many of the ‘vitamins’ nutritionists suggest are not vitamins at all!  Vitamin C is NOT ascorbic acid! (for example)

If you start researching, and have enough faith to try this, you will wake up sometime in a couple months to realize you have dropped 40 pounds, have more energy than you know what to do with, and mysteriously, any illness or pain you were previously suffering will be GONE GONE GONE.  I have helped others realize it,  seen others do it… I have lived it.  It is real.  You too can regain the energy and healthy self you once had as a youth.  It’s so easy once you get there, you will look back and wonder how the bloated overweight sludgy self you used to be, could have ever been considered normal.  However, first step.. throw out the scale and idea of calories… seriously.

I can’t stress enough how unnatural our current diet is.

Between 2003 and 2008 I made every effort to ‘eat healthy’.  Taking the advice of a nutritionist over my own intuition I ate ‘healthy all grain’ products, natural dairy, etc. etc.   In fact, why I continued to gain weight and look even worse baffled me.  My daughter also suffered from mood issues and various illnesses.

Since 2008 I started to question the ‘logic’ of what I was doing.  In fact my intuition finally stepped in and said “results don’t match the promises, it’s MY TURN”.  Ever since that moment I have started to learn about the true effect of the foods we eat, starting with the Salt lie, the Dairy lie, etc.  At the end of the journey I became prepared to make true changes in late 2009.  This is where I started to fast.   For about a month I was sick.. headaches and nausea.  by no longer continuing to eat NaCl and other toxins my body was happily dumping stored toxins in massive quantities, thus making me ill.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to be prepared for these symptoms.  They are good!  This means your body is repairing itself.   Fat is also something it starts to deal with.

Mid 2010 marks the turning point, where I had removed NaCl, Transfats, bad fats, and most dairy.  Grains and meat were the last to go.   The hidden fact that there are plenty of true replacements to meat was an eye opener.  I still eat meat on occasion but EVERY time now, it makes me feel ill.  I crave what my body needs and enjoy every bite in a way I never before did.  I can smell food in a way that triggers emotion!    On 300ml of the above drink I can walk for 8km and still have energy and not be hungry for several hours afterwards.  Your body becomes a super efficient food processing machine.  In otherwords, the average Canadian eats between 3 and TEN times what their body actually needs.

The truth of this is hard to impart.  So many are seriously brainwashed to think their diet is the one that’s good for them.  It’s not.  I’m living proof of that, and so are the other millions of people who have done this because they are fed up with pain being somehow a ‘normal’ part of their existence.    It’s not.   I live pain free, with constant alertness and energy.  When I have eaten ‘old food’ like cheese or meats, I will often become extremely ill and throw up.  Mind you this whole experience lasts only a few hours, after which I am COMPLETELY NORMAL again.   If you examine a dog or any other animal and how they interact with their food, it will ring true.  Throwing up and pain are supposed to be warning signs that your liver didn’t quite feel right about what you ate, and is giving you a clear message not to eat it again.

If you feed your system 80% sawdust and 20% nutrients, it will be CONSTANTLY churning trying to extract the required nutrients for continued operation and health.  After a time it becomes (your liver) overwhelmed and tired.  it starts putting off work, like processing of fats and other toxins.  it starts storing it.   In your blood and other tissues. (thus obesity).  When you remove a good portion of the processing intenstive foods and toxins, your liver now has some free time, so suddenly and seemingly magically, your fat which has been stored for a time when your liver is unencumbered… starts to be dealt with!  Salt and blood volume problems, other toxins.. they all start to be processed and expelled. (thus the illness symptoms).  Many people quit at this point, assuming the illness is a symptom of the food they are eating, but the reverse is actually true, they are ill because of the food they USED TO eat, and now because of the nutrients you are giving your body, all that crap can be removed.

This is why I recommend you do this at first once a week, then twice, then 4 times a week.   Over 6 months.  After which point i’m pretty confident you will see major results and become dedicated to educating yourself and removing the remaining toxins from your diet and becoming completely healthy and pain free.   This can CURE fibro, depression, and all other ‘diseases’ which are actually simply symptoms of metabolic breakdown.

Doubt anything I have said here?  Do some research and you will find it to be the sad truth.

Please contact me if you have ANY questions.  I can point you to the research papers, or any other information you need to make sense of the fact we are being poisoned by corporations and their greed.

Love and lots of health,

Richard D. Freeman


The Paleolithic Diet and Its Modern Implications: An Interview with Loren Cordain, PhD

This author, Loren Cordian, provides valuable insight to the affect of the food grid on others.

Robert Crayhon: There has been in the past 40 years or so much interest in the area of low fat diets, and it seems that the media and USDA with its food guide pyramid is now convinced that a healthy diet is one that is predominantly carbohydrate, low in fat and protein. There is also little regard for the quality of the fat or protein. But are we really just in some great agricultural experiment? Has the last 10,000 years of agriculture really been the bulk of what the human nutritional experience has been? And is this grain-based, high carbohydrate diet truly ideal for humans?

Loren Cordain: There is increasing evidence to indicate that the type of diet recommended in the USDA’s food pyramid is discordant with the type of diet humans evolved with over eons of evolutionary experience. Additionally, it is increasingly being recognized that the “food Pyramid” may have a number of serious nutritional omissions. For instance, it does not specify which types of fats should be consumed. The western diet is overburdened not only by saturated fats, but there is an imbalance in the type of polyunsaturated fats we eat. We consume too many Omega-6 fats and not enough Omega-3 fats. The Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio in western diets averages about 12:1, whereas data from our recent publication (Eaton SB, Eaton SB 3rd, Sinclair AJ, Cordain L, Mann NJ Dietary intake of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids during the Paleolithic Period. World Rev Nutr Diet 1998; 12-23) suggests that for most of humanity’s existence, prior to agriculture, the Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio would have ranged from 1:1 to 3:1. High dietary Omega-6/Omega-3 ratios are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, and tend to exacerbate many inflammatory disease responses.

Further, the USDA food pyramid places breads, cereals, rice and pasta at its base and recommends that we consume 6-11 servings of these items daily. Nutritionists at the Harvard School of Public Health (Willett WC. The dietary pyramid: does the foundation need repair? Am J Clin Nutr. 1998;68: 218-219) have recently publicly criticized this recommendation because it fails to distinguish between refined and complex carbohydrates and their relative glycemic responses. Dr. Willett further pointed out that there was little empirical evidence to support the dominant nutritional message that diets high in complex carbohydrate promote good health.

Both the fossil record and ethnological studies of hunter-gatherers (the closest surrogates we have to stone age humans) indicate that humans rarely if ever ate cereal grains nor did they eat diets high in carbohydrates. Because cereal grains are virtually indigestible by the human gastrointestinal tract without milling (grinding) and cooking, the appearance of grinding stones in the fossil record generally heralds the inclusion of grains in the diet. The first appearance of milling stones was in the Middle East roughly 10-15,000 years ago. These early milling stones were likely used to grind wild wheat which grew naturally in certain areas of the Middle East. Wheat was first domesticated in the Middle East about 10,000 years ago and slowly spread to Europe by about 5,000 years ago. Rice was domesticated approximately 7,000 years ago in SE Asia, India and China, and maize (corn) was domesticated in Mexico and Central America roughly 7,000 years ago.

Consequently, diets high in carbohydrate derived from cereal grains were not part of the human evolutionary experience until only quite recent times. Because the human genome has changed relatively little in the past 40,000 years since the appearance of behaviorally modern humans, our nutritional requirements remain almost identical to those requirements which were originally selected for stone age humans living before the advent of agriculture.



Me and my Diabetes – http://www.meandmydiabetes.com/2010/03/24/loren-cordain-caution-on-saturated-fats-disaster-with-grains-will-be-public-after-march-25th/
Wikipedia entry – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleolithic_diet

Common Sense and Chemo

I’m no doctor.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have no more than a decent amount of knowledge in that field.  What I do pride myself in however is logic.  Since society as a whole has become logic-challenged…

While reading an article I posted here a few days ago I came across the idea that the human body may have a ‘major disease reboot’ triggered by fasting.  Fasting is regarded by history and some religions as a legitimate way of keeping both your body and spirit healthy.   Nutritionists recommend a ‘cleanse’ which is just fancy fasting with help.  Fasting may be proven in time to trigger a deep ‘oh oh’ response in the body.   Like for the mind, spending a month in a far away log cabin, the only way to allow our cluttered mind to unwind and sort out issues, something we were unable to manage while living within the flow of the problem.   Imagine the energy liberated by NOT eating, and how much more effective our body would be healing if it also didn’t have to process food… and in this case… toxic food.  If you want to fix something, or rebuild something, the first thing you do is stop doing other distracting things.

In my reading I have yet to find ANY medical study that places chemotherapy above any other form of healing for results.  Seriously,  Statistical proof anyone out there have any?  It doesn’t exist from what I can find.   Some studies indicate a small improvement over just doing nothing.   Apply the logic filter here.   Put yourself in that spot.  You are terrified of death, you are likely already ill from the diet and any poisonous drugs doctors have ‘prescribed’ you.  Facing death opens many to accepting what we normally would reject voilently.   Most doctors will present chemical armageddon as the only option!   Really?  Why are people buying that this is a viable way of healing?  Even conservatively it’s a way of improving the odds only a few percentage points. but is that really worth a horrible poisoned death?  When mislead by doctors and presented with that extra couple percentage points many people DO chose poison.  Lets be good little automatons and comply.  I blame the doctors.  Through either ignorance or greed recommend a treatment that ensures further destruction of the body’s natural ability to heal.  Talk to a nutritionist.  They will tell you that any hope for HEALING – which is an important distinction, since our current medical system is all about symptom masking – can only come when your body is functioning normally.  Chemo is like using a tactical nuclear device to clear rats from New York City.  Logic filter overload.

My point…  After reading this wonderful article by Loren Cordain, suggesting at least the possibility that fasting is a normal part of the human evolutionary experience that we may use this time to ‘reboot’ at a gene level thus allowing time to deal with such malfunctions as cancer or auto immune issues.  If this were true – and if you apply the logic filter  you will see it makes more sense than radiation and poison being curative – it would actually explain the apparent benefit of chemotherapy.  A forced fast that though puts your body in a state of sheer terror and survival mode, also removes food and may trigger the fasting ‘healing reboot’.

Cancer is a natural part of life, so is eating toxins.   We have a liver and kidneys, ultra efficient filtration for food toxins for millions of years.    If it were not for this, the myriad of chemical and biological toxins now routinely added to our food would outright kill us.   Our evolutionary ability to eat food containing some natural toxins is being used against us.  We can be polluted and poisoned for years ingesting seriously damaging substances and as toxin filtering humans we will keep on ticking..more or less.. but not forever.   We are the walking poisoned, but eventually it overwhelms us, and we crash… Most of the diseases we have colored ribbons and marathons for… the ones we are trying to CURE are simply long term results of twenty years on the death diet.

The big thing here is how people look at this, and because it’s like watching someone kill a kitten, our mind balks and we instantly reject it as part of our reality.  That’s not possible, it’s too horrible, and it makes no sense, there is no reason…. oh, but there is.   A simple, diabolical and very tangible one, as old as civilization… money.    What better money-making product than one you can’t avoid, one that is expensive, makes a huge amount of money, then… removes you as a mouth to feed!  yay!   In line with this new proposed carbon tax on babies, they just want to make their lump sum from you, then get rid of you.   Think the matrix here, without any doubt, these people indeed view us as batteries to be used up then discarded, and not an any ecological way either.   Don’t worry though,  people had the same “I can’t act because I can’t wrap my mind around that it’s real”  reaction to the Nazi’s “final solution” – read about the prison cities for a slice of the modern version of the “final solution” which if the small amount of evidence available may actually be based on the same solution written by the same people.  Our tenancy to live with blinders on didn’t reduce the killing power of the gas chambers, nor stop the Nazis in any way.  In fact, our new Nazis also depend on human nature and our propensity to huddle together in disbelief as they methodically remove our rights, then eventually our lives.   The Nazis absolutely would have used food toxins, shiny cell phones, media and everything else we face today, in exactly the same way, had they had access to it.

Why and how have we travelled to this point where we have convinced ourselves that science can replace what our body needs.   Nobody would imagine putting orange juice into their Honda as fuel.  Why?  Well duh, it’s designed for Gasoline, and if you put orange juice in there, it just won’t work right.  Our body, though considerably more complex, also has specific requirements.   No offense, but to think Chemo is the way to heal yourself is as naive as thinking orange juice could do anything other than damage a car engine.

There is no substitute for logic in your own life.   Chemo is sadly a clear example of how successful the drug companies have been in removing logic from your own decision making process.   Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.   Take anything happening with the U.S. government, and apply a basic logic filter to it.  NOTHING WILL MAKE SENSE.    Some things are what they say, but the law of averages always is right (historically speaking) .  If 100 people claim to be innocent, you can be sure that at least 1 is lying.  Once you realise they have lied about one thing… doesn’t that imply that everything is up for grabs, and that every single aspect of our life may in fact be something different than we thought.

Wake up and ACT!

Genetically Modified Organisms. Logic be damned.

Consider the following facts:

-GMO effect on humans has been left unstudied.  There have been no long term studies nor any sigificant exploration of effects we have already seen in animal testing and the limited human experimentation already done.

-GMO products have filtered their way to at least 60% of foods available to us and consumed by us daily.  This is a conservative estimate based on what they are admitting to.

-There are very little controls or laws in place to limit or even TRACK how much or what GMO products are being baked, mixed and simply added to our foods, not to mention the food of our pets and the animals which we eat.  In fact any discussion by concerned citizens is openly mocked and discarded.

-Animals often will chose starvation over eating GMO foods, which begs the questions A) how do they know?  and B) Why are we ignoring this?

With the above in mind ask yourself a few questions.

1. What possible reason would any government have to allow such potentially devastating substances be added to almost everything, yet criminalize injectable vitamin C?

2. What benefit could GMO food being added to our food to make such an undertaking worthwhile?

3. Why is everyone ok with this?

I did, and my answers were:

1A. Control.

2A. Control.  If the minuscule amount of research on GMO products is accurate and extrapolating from there I can see the ingenuity of the plan.   By eating GMO products it’s possible to add genetic function from the GMO to existing bacteria in one’s GI tract.  Thus, one’s own population of organisms starts to behave in manner of the GMO.  Think about this.  As a GMO scientist I could create a corn chip that once eaten changes the bacteria in your gut to continuously and in perpetuity manufacture pesticides thus over time making you ill and possibly suffering from symptoms ranging from undefinable pain to fibromyalgia to MS.  Of course we never assume that such a complex and scary tactic could even be real.  How many people do you know that are suffering from some strange ‘malaise’ unexplained by doctors, and unresolvable by their ‘cures’ (see. Pharmacorp).

3A.  Everyone isn’t OK with this.  However if you study history it’s clear that in every single case where the higher-ups were pulling something fishy on the average person.. in almost every case.. they were completely caught unaware.  Revolution almost always comes only when the bad guy comes and burns down your house, or executes your daughters.   So it’s no great surprise that the average person ambles through life cell phone in hand completely scoffing at those trying to point out the obvious all the while blindly and cheerfully surrendering their rights one after another in the name of protection from a phantom menace.


GMO’s are present in 60% of processed, pre-packaged, and fast foods – all staples of Standard North American Diet.  Many believe with good reason that they pose grossly under-researched potential dangers. Processed food giants Nestle, Quaker, Kraft, Nabisco, Kellogg’s, Heinz’s, Pepsi, and Coca Cola (to name a few) use common GMO ingredients and derivatives from soy, sugar, corn, canola, and cotton in virtually all of their products

An article worth reading.


For example, genes from an arctic flounder (which has natural “antifreezing” properties that protect it from the frigid waters) may be injected into tomato DNA to make a new breed that is more resistant to frost damage. It sounds like a sci-fi movie, but it’s reality. And, according to the FDA, over 75 percent of processed food in the United States may contain GMOs. Foods with genetically modified ingredients don’t have to be labeled, though, so you’re probably eating them every day without even knowing it.


• A preliminary study from the Russian National Academy of Sciences [found] that more than half the offspring of mother rats fed GM soy died within three weeks (compared to 9% from mothers fed natural soy).
• [An] estimated 10,000 sheep died in India within 5-7 days of grazing on GM cotton plants engineered to produce their own Bt-toxin pesticide.
• The only human GM feeding study ever published show[ed] that the foreign genes inserted into GM food crops can transfer into the DNA of our gut bacteria. This study gives new meaning to the adage, “You are what you eat.” Long after those GM corn chips you munched are history, your intestinal flora may still be churning out the “Bt” pesticide GM corn plants have been engineered to produce.

Reality is that the FDA has absolutely no GMO safety testing requirements, and GM ingredients are ubiquitous in prepared foods. Unless a processed food contains only organic ingredients, it is highly likely to contain GM ingredients. The “research” that supports GMO safety is voluntarily provided by companies on their own GM crops and has been described by critics as “meticulously designed to avoid finding problems”.

But 44,000 FDA internal documents later made public as a result of a lawsuit revealed problems. The overwhelming consensus among the FDA’s scientists was that GM foods were substantively different, so different that their consumption might result in unpredictable and hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. Agency scientists urged superiors to require long-term studies, but were not only ignored, their statements about possible negative effects of GMOs were progressively deleted from FDA policy statement drafts.