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I just found it to cover a lot of important ground.  Perhaps a message many people need to hear today.


Television is the drug, it’s got mood it’s got meaning…

An interesting article about how we are fighting a war for our minds

This really resonates in today’s world.

i had a similar experience regarding the true understanding of ‘reality’.  I strongly urge anyone feeling curious or interested to trust their intuition and follow the path you stumble upon.  Peace.

Common Sense and Chemo

I’m no doctor.  I’ll be the first to admit that I have no more than a decent amount of knowledge in that field.  What I do pride myself in however is logic.  Since society as a whole has become logic-challenged…

While reading an article I posted here a few days ago I came across the idea that the human body may have a ‘major disease reboot’ triggered by fasting.  Fasting is regarded by history and some religions as a legitimate way of keeping both your body and spirit healthy.   Nutritionists recommend a ‘cleanse’ which is just fancy fasting with help.  Fasting may be proven in time to trigger a deep ‘oh oh’ response in the body.   Like for the mind, spending a month in a far away log cabin, the only way to allow our cluttered mind to unwind and sort out issues, something we were unable to manage while living within the flow of the problem.   Imagine the energy liberated by NOT eating, and how much more effective our body would be healing if it also didn’t have to process food… and in this case… toxic food.  If you want to fix something, or rebuild something, the first thing you do is stop doing other distracting things.

In my reading I have yet to find ANY medical study that places chemotherapy above any other form of healing for results.  Seriously,  Statistical proof anyone out there have any?  It doesn’t exist from what I can find.   Some studies indicate a small improvement over just doing nothing.   Apply the logic filter here.   Put yourself in that spot.  You are terrified of death, you are likely already ill from the diet and any poisonous drugs doctors have ‘prescribed’ you.  Facing death opens many to accepting what we normally would reject voilently.   Most doctors will present chemical armageddon as the only option!   Really?  Why are people buying that this is a viable way of healing?  Even conservatively it’s a way of improving the odds only a few percentage points. but is that really worth a horrible poisoned death?  When mislead by doctors and presented with that extra couple percentage points many people DO chose poison.  Lets be good little automatons and comply.  I blame the doctors.  Through either ignorance or greed recommend a treatment that ensures further destruction of the body’s natural ability to heal.  Talk to a nutritionist.  They will tell you that any hope for HEALING – which is an important distinction, since our current medical system is all about symptom masking – can only come when your body is functioning normally.  Chemo is like using a tactical nuclear device to clear rats from New York City.  Logic filter overload.

My point…  After reading this wonderful article by Loren Cordain, suggesting at least the possibility that fasting is a normal part of the human evolutionary experience that we may use this time to ‘reboot’ at a gene level thus allowing time to deal with such malfunctions as cancer or auto immune issues.  If this were true – and if you apply the logic filter  you will see it makes more sense than radiation and poison being curative – it would actually explain the apparent benefit of chemotherapy.  A forced fast that though puts your body in a state of sheer terror and survival mode, also removes food and may trigger the fasting ‘healing reboot’.

Cancer is a natural part of life, so is eating toxins.   We have a liver and kidneys, ultra efficient filtration for food toxins for millions of years.    If it were not for this, the myriad of chemical and biological toxins now routinely added to our food would outright kill us.   Our evolutionary ability to eat food containing some natural toxins is being used against us.  We can be polluted and poisoned for years ingesting seriously damaging substances and as toxin filtering humans we will keep on ticking..more or less.. but not forever.   We are the walking poisoned, but eventually it overwhelms us, and we crash… Most of the diseases we have colored ribbons and marathons for… the ones we are trying to CURE are simply long term results of twenty years on the death diet.

The big thing here is how people look at this, and because it’s like watching someone kill a kitten, our mind balks and we instantly reject it as part of our reality.  That’s not possible, it’s too horrible, and it makes no sense, there is no reason…. oh, but there is.   A simple, diabolical and very tangible one, as old as civilization… money.    What better money-making product than one you can’t avoid, one that is expensive, makes a huge amount of money, then… removes you as a mouth to feed!  yay!   In line with this new proposed carbon tax on babies, they just want to make their lump sum from you, then get rid of you.   Think the matrix here, without any doubt, these people indeed view us as batteries to be used up then discarded, and not an any ecological way either.   Don’t worry though,  people had the same “I can’t act because I can’t wrap my mind around that it’s real”  reaction to the Nazi’s “final solution” – read about the prison cities for a slice of the modern version of the “final solution” which if the small amount of evidence available may actually be based on the same solution written by the same people.  Our tenancy to live with blinders on didn’t reduce the killing power of the gas chambers, nor stop the Nazis in any way.  In fact, our new Nazis also depend on human nature and our propensity to huddle together in disbelief as they methodically remove our rights, then eventually our lives.   The Nazis absolutely would have used food toxins, shiny cell phones, media and everything else we face today, in exactly the same way, had they had access to it.

Why and how have we travelled to this point where we have convinced ourselves that science can replace what our body needs.   Nobody would imagine putting orange juice into their Honda as fuel.  Why?  Well duh, it’s designed for Gasoline, and if you put orange juice in there, it just won’t work right.  Our body, though considerably more complex, also has specific requirements.   No offense, but to think Chemo is the way to heal yourself is as naive as thinking orange juice could do anything other than damage a car engine.

There is no substitute for logic in your own life.   Chemo is sadly a clear example of how successful the drug companies have been in removing logic from your own decision making process.   Try it yourself if you don’t believe me.   Take anything happening with the U.S. government, and apply a basic logic filter to it.  NOTHING WILL MAKE SENSE.    Some things are what they say, but the law of averages always is right (historically speaking) .  If 100 people claim to be innocent, you can be sure that at least 1 is lying.  Once you realise they have lied about one thing… doesn’t that imply that everything is up for grabs, and that every single aspect of our life may in fact be something different than we thought.

Wake up and ACT!