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I just found it to cover a lot of important ground.  Perhaps a message many people need to hear today.


Something is in the Air…

I don’t claim to understand what is going on with the chemtrails.  If this is the first time you have heard the term ‘chemtrails’ I suggest you pause, go off, google it to get an idea.  Many aspect of the agenda seems to be tied to high altitude spraying.  If global warming is a hoax, this is a component.  There must be a good reason why for why after 9/11 the global temperature plunged by three degrees.   It is assumed that the very odd organic and chemical compounds found in the air, and on surfaces all over the world also is due to these chemical additives being pumped into our atmosphere by commercial jets, and even in some cases, as video taped on many occasions, special high altitude agent dispersant aircraft.   This vehicle is found operating in many youtube ‘UFO’ footage.

What is the agenda here?  It appears based on some very independent and under-funded research is currently being conducted into the true nature and behaviour of these very disturbing substances.   The research is organized into drop-down menus by research topic.

The net result of what I was able to digest – no pun intended – an organic organism, very small, that lives well in an acidic state and not so well in a normal body.  This ties into my beliefs about the food grid which sole purpose is to induce illness via driving the body into dysfunction and acidity, and this organism is allegedly now present in most people and may very well be a custom built bacteria designed to induce specific types of disorders.  For example, a great deal of suppressed evidence supports the concept that cancer is caused by pathogens, and this would explain – in part – the rampant killer cancer in children.  Typical to form, feed the toxin, then the activator…

Microwaves are banned by the Russians.

The title makes one wonder… why?  Why would they do such a thing.  Microwave ovens are used by North Americans every day, for almost every kind of food.  Why would a country BAN such a useful tool?  It turns out, there are serious health concerns regarding cooking food with a microwave.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the facts to make an informed decision.

If there are any doubts who the enemy really is…

It’s greed, power and money.

This is a stark and disturbing essay on how in every country money and power are literally destroying us!  It MUST BE STOPPED!  Every indication is that the people (and I use that term loosely) responsible for this atrocity are the very same dumping deadly toxins into U.S. water and soil.   If they can’t get the country to allow them to make earth uninhabitable for humans, they will do it in the guise of an ‘accident’.   Wake Up and ACT!


Doubt the whole ‘airline chemtrail’ thing? Wondering about mass animal deaths?

This video, regardless of context or language is pretty clear.  The hundreds of people who are warning about their operation to toxify the entire planet should be considered, and after watching this video, anyone doubting that there are aircraft specifically designed for high altitude chemical spraying designed to evenly coat the planet should take a step back and consider.

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