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the Hidden Empire



1. City States.

Did the world wars, revolutions & big events of human history happen naturally or coincidentally, or were they calculated & pre-planned? If they were pre planned, who planned them?

The answer to this question can be found within the boundaries of 3 of the worlds most powerful cities. Those 3 cities belong to no nation & pay no taxes. They are Washington’s District of Columbia, which is not part of the City of Washington or the US. The inner city of London, which is not part of London or England & Vatican City, which is not part of Rome or Italy.

These cities, called City States, have their own independent flag, their own separate laws & their own separate identity.

2. Vatican City

Gracing the walls of St Peter’s Basilica is the Vatican-approved image of God. An angry bearded man in the sky, painted by Michael Angelo. Cruel/violent images of God’s tortured son, suffering, bleeding & dying with thorns gouged through his skull/nails pounded through his feet & hands are on display throughout the Vatican. These images serve as reminders that God allowed his son to be tortured & killed to save the souls of human beings who are all born sinners.

The Vatican rules over approximately 2bn of the worlds 6.2bn people. The colossal wealth of the Vatican includes enormous investments with the Rothschilds in Britain, France, USA, with giant oil & weapons corporations like Shell & General Electric. The Vatican solid gold bullion, worth billions is stored with the Rothschild controlled Bank of England & the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence, possessing more material wealth than any bank, corporation, giant trust or government anywhere on the globe.

While 2/3 of the world earns less than $2 a day & 1/5 of the world is underfed or starving to death, the Vatican hoards the world’s wealth, profits from it on the stock market & at the same time preaches about giving.

So how did the Vatican accumulate all that wealth over the millennium? One method was to put a price-tag on sin. Many bishops & popes actively marketed gilt, sin & fear for profit, by selling indulgences. Worshippers were encouraged to pre-pay for sins they hadn’t yet committed & get pardoned ahead of time. Those who didn’t pay-up risked eternal damnation. Another method was to get wealthy land owners to hand-over their land/fortune to the church on their death bed, in exchange for a blessing which would supposedly enable them to go to heaven.

Pope Leo the fifth rebuilt St Peter’s Basilica, by selling tickets out of hell & tickets to heaven.

During the dark ages, the Catholic Church not only hoarded the wealth they collected from the poor, but they hoarded knowledge. They kept the masses ignorant & in the dark by denying them a basic education. They also prohibited anyone from reading or even possessing a Bible, under pain of death.

Between 1095-1291 AD the Pope launched 7 blood baths called the Christian Crusaides, torturing, murdering, beheading & mass murdering hundreds of thousands of Muslims & Jews in the name of God. The Pope’s brutal solders were called Knights Templar or Knights of the Temple of Solomon & evolved into today’s secretive brotherhood called the Freemasons.

Between 1450-1700 AD the Catholic Church followed up their holy terror with the inquisition. Based on rumours of practicing witchcraft, the Catholic Church hunted down, tortured & burned-alive 10’s of 1000’s of innocent women at the stake.

During WWII the Vatican was criticized for supporting Hitler & his Nazi regime. To this day, the Vatican is still under investigation for plundering Nazi gold from the Swiss bank accounts of Jewish holocaust victims.

Over the past 5 decades more than 1,500 priests & bishops have been identified in the sexual assault of tens of thousands of boys & girls in their trusting congregations & orphanages.

Why is the filthy rich institution preaching spiritual values of poverty & chastity while cardinals, bishops & priests cover-up their crimes of sexual abuse? Why has the church fought & resisted the compensation claims of their sexually, emotionally & spiritually traumatised victims?

3. The City of London.

Like Vatican city, London’s inner city is also a privately owned corporation or city state, located right in the middle of greater London. It became a sovereign state in 1694 when King William III of Orange privatised & turned the Bank of England over to the bankers. Today, the City State of London is the world’s financial power centre & the wealthiest square mile on the face of the Earth. It houses the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, Lloyds of London, the London stock exchange, all British banks, the branch offices of 385 foreign banks & 70 US banks. It has its own courts, its own laws, its own flag & its own police force. It is not part of greater London, or England, or the British Commonwealth & pays no taxes. The City State of London houses Fleet Street’s newspaper & publishing monopolies. It is also the headquarters for world wide English Freemasonry & headquarters for the world wide money cartel known as The Crown.

Contrary to popular belief, The Crown is not the Royal Family or the British Monarch. The Crown is the private corporate City State of London. It has a council of 12 members who rule the corporation under a mayor, called the Lord Mayor. The Lord mayor & his 12 member council serves as proxies or representatives who sit-in for13 of the worlds wealthiest, most powerful banking families, including the Rothschild family, the Warburg family, the Oppenheimer family & the Schiff family. These families and their descendants run the Crown Corporation of London.

The Crown Corporation holds the title to world wide Crown land in Crown colonies like Canada, Australia & New Zealand. British parliament & the British prime minister serve as a public front for the hidden power of these ruling crown families.

4. The District of Columbia.

Like the City States of London & the Vatican, a third city state was officially created in 1982. That city state is called the District of Columbia & is located on 10sq miles of land in the heart of Washington. The District of Columbia flies its own flag & has its own independent constitution.

The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori, which bares no resemblance to the US Constitution. When Congress passed the act of 1871 it created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES & corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States & outside of the best interests of American Citizens.

Although geographically separate, the city states of London, the Vatican & the District of Columbia are one interlocking empire called Empire of the City.

The flag of Washington’s district of Columbia has 3 red stars. One for each city state in the 3 city empire. This corporate empire of 3 city states controls the world economically, through London’s inner city, militarily through the District of Columbia & spiritually through the Vatican.

5. The U.S.A. – A Crown Colony.

A sobering study of the signed treaties & charters between Britain & the US exposes a shocking truth. The US has always been & still is a British Crown colony.

King James I was famous not for just translating the Bible into the King James version. But for signing the first charter of Virginia in 1606. That charter granted America’s British forefathers a licence to settle & colonise America. The charter also guaranteed that future Kings/Queens of England would have sovereign authority over all citizens & colonised land in America, stolen from the Indians.

After America declared its independence from Great Britain, the Treaty of 1783 was signed. That treaty specifically identifies the King of England as the Prince of the United States & contradicts the belief that America won the War of Independence.

Although King George III of England gave up most of his claims over American colonies, he kept his right to continue receiving payment for his business venture of colonising America.

If America had really won the War of Independence, they would never have agreed to pay debts & reparations to the King of England.

America’s blood soaked War of Independence against the British bankrupted America & turned its citizens into permanent debt slaves of the King. In the War of 1812, the British torched & burned to the ground the Whitehouse & all US government buildings. Destroying ratification records of the US constitution.

Most US citizens believe that the US is a country & the President is the most powerful man on earth. The US is not a country. It is a corporation. And the president is President of the Corporation of the United States. He & his elected officials work for the corporation, not for the American people. Since the US is a corporation, who owns the corporation of the United States?

Like Canada & Australia whose leaders are Prime Ministers of the Queen & whose land is called Crown Land, the US is just another crown colony. Crown colonies are controlled by the Empire of the 3 City States.

6. Obelisks

At the centre of each city state is a towering phallic shaped stone monument called an obelisk that points skyward. In DC city state, the obelisk known as the Washington monument was dedicated to the Freemason George Washington by the Freemason Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia. 250 Masonic lodges financed the Washington obelisk monument, including the Knights Templar Masonic order.

At the heart of London City State, is a 187 ton 69 foot tall Egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle. It was transported from Egypt & erected on the banks of the river Thames.

In Vatican city, another Egyptian obelisk towers high above St Peter’s square.

Obelisks are phallic shaped monuments honouring the pagan sun god of ancient Egypt called Amen Ra. The spirit of this pagan god is said to reside within the obelisk

Communications for All

If anyone is concerned about the stranglehold government and corporate interests have on communication, this project may offer us a way to continue to communicate in the face of our own government deciding for us who we talk to and when.

Recommended Video

I just found it to cover a lot of important ground.  Perhaps a message many people need to hear today.

Keeping them honest

I am not suggesting one can not trust one’s own goverment.  I’m coming right and and saying it.  Trusting your government to look after you will end up hurting you.  To help those track and keep things honest.  Here are all the frequencies for those who have the equipment.  For those who don’t.  I suggest that you do. Sooner rather than later.

NCIS frequencies
Site Hex Name Freqs
1-001 1-1 Lewis-McChord (Main) 380.07500c 380.17500 380.27500 380.38750a 380.42500 380.53750 380.57500 380.87500
380.98750 381.08750 381.17500 381.23750 381.31250 381.42500 381.62500 381.82500
…1-002 1-2 Lewis-McChord (West) 380.21250c 380.55000a 380.83750 381.01250 381.28750
1-003 1-3 Lewis-McChord (East) 380.72500c 380.93750a 381.73750 381.92500
1-004 1-4 WA-104 386.18750c
1-005 1-5 Naval Base Kitsap 385.35000c 385.91250a 386.06250a 386.36250 386.51250 386.66250 386.80000
1-006 1-6 WA-106 385.01250 386.41250c 386.61250a 386.81250
1-007 1-7 WA-107 386.35000c
1-008 1-8 NAS Whidbey Island 385.88750c 386.33750a 386.63750 388.30000 388.51250
1-009 1-9 WA-109 386.10000c 386.55000 386.70000
1-010 1-A WA-110 386.67500c 386.82500a
1-011 1-B WA-111 386.07500c 386.22500a
1-012 1-C WA-112 386.16250c 386.76250a
1-013 1-D WA-113 386.13750c 386.95000 388.47500
3-001 3-1 MCAGCC 29 Palms (1) 386.01250 386.16250 386.35000a 386.52500c 386.66250 386.81250 386.96250 388.00000
388.15000 388.30000
3-002 3-2 MCAGCC 29 Palms (2) 385.01250a 385.21250a 385.62500c 385.88750a 386.10000 386.30000 386.50000
3-003 3-3 MCAGCC 29 Palms (3) 385.06250 385.31250 385.90000c 386.11250 386.31250 386.71250
3-004 3-4 MCAGCC 29 Palms (4) 385.35000a 385.91250a 386.12500c 386.33750a 386.55000 386.75000 386.95000
3-008 3-8 Near Cumberland County, PA 385.06250c 385.31250 385.90000 386.05000
3-042 3-2A USNWC Crane 042 380.91250c 381.78750a
3-043 3-2B USNWC Crane 043 380.83750c 381.31250a
4-001 4-1 Camp Barrett 385.67500c 386.48750 386.73750 387.57500 387.98750 389.33750
4-002 4-2 MCB Quantico 385.62500c 386.13750a 386.43750 386.91250 387.95000
4-003 4-3 Pentagon 380.48750c 381.20000 381.33750 381.68750 381.83750
4-004 4-4 Independent Hill 386.11250c 386.46250
4-005 4-5 Fredericksburg 386.25000c 386.72500
5-001 5-1 San Onofre 385.01250c 385.21250a 385.88750a 386.12500a 386.27500 386.42500 386.57500 386.72500
386.93750 388.23750 388.38750 388.53750
5-002 5-2 MCB Camp Pendleton (2) 386.10000c 386.25000a 386.40000a 386.55000a 386.85000 388.02500
5-003 5-3 Los Angeles area 385.62500c 386.03750c 386.20000c 386.33750
5-004 5-4 MCB Camp Pendleton 386.01250c 386.16250a 386.31250a 386.46250a 386.61250 386.76250 388.03750 388.25000
5-006 5-6 Mt. Woodson 385.35000c 385.91250
5-007 5-7 Lake Elsinore 386.06250c 386.21250
5-008 5-8 Pleasants Peak 386.37500c 386.52500
5-015 5-F Dugway Proving Grounds? 385.35000c
5-016 5-10 Tonapah Test Range? 386.36250c
5-017 5-11 Groom Lake? 388.30000c

System Talkgroups
List All in one table Show New Talkgroups

MGAGCC 29 Palms Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
35101 891d D 29Palms PMO PMO Military
35201 8981 D 29Palms FS Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
10064 2750 D MCP Refuel Plane Refueling Military
31001 7919 D MCP PMO PMO Law Tac
31101 797d D MCP PMO Tac1 Provost Marshall MP Tac 1 Law Tac
31102 797e D MCP PMO Tac2 Provost Marshall MP Tac 2 Law Tac
31103 797f D MCP PMO Tac3 Provost Marshall MP Tac 3 Law Tac
31110 7986 D MCP PMO Tac5 Provost Marshall MP Tac 5 Law Tac
31111 7987 D MCP PMO Tac Provost Marshall MP Tac Law Tac
31117 798d D MCP NCISSurv NCIS Surveillance Law Tac
31201 79e1 D MCP FD Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
31202 79e2 D MCP FD Cmd 1 Fire Command 1 Fire-Talk
31203 79e3 D MCP FD Cmd 2 Fire Command 2 Fire-Talk
31208 79e8 D MCP FD Tac 5 Fire Tac 5 Fire-Tac
31221 79f5 D MCP EOD31221 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Military
31222 79f6 D MCP EOD31222 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Military
31301 7a45 D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31303 7a47 D MCP Grd31303 Area guards Military
31304 7a48 D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31306 7a4a D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31308 7a4c D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31309 7a4d D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31311 7a4f D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31315 7a53 D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31318 7a56 D MCP Grd31318 Area guards Military
31319 7a57 D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31327 7a5f D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31332 7a64 D MCP Guards21 Area 21 Guards Military
31338 7a6a D MCP Guards Area Guards Military
31352 7a78 D MCP Guards43 Area 43 Guards Military
31353 7a79 D MCP Grd31353 Area guards Military
31366 7a86 D MCP Range 1 Long Rifle – Range Ch. 1 Primary Military
31367 7a87 D MCP Range 2 Long Rifle – Range Ch. 2 Military
31368 7a88 D MCP Range 3 Long Rifle – Range Ch. 3 Military
31369 7a89 D MCP Range 4 Long Rifle – Range Ch. 4 Military
31382 7a96 D MCP Rng31382 Range Control Military
31383 7a97 D MCP Rng31383 Range Control Military
31401 7aa9 D MCP Air Sec Airfield – Security Military
31404 7aac D MCP Training Field Training Military
31411 7ab3 D MCP Air Ramp Airfield – Ramp Control Military
31412 7ab4 D MCP AirCrash Airfield – Crash Crews (occasionally encrypted) Military
31421 7abd D MCP Air Fuel Airfield – Fuel Military
31423 7abf D MCP POL Trks Refueling Trucks Military
31425 7ac1 D MCP Fueling Fueling Military
31502 7b0e D MCP Telecom Telephone Maintenance (Oscar Units) Public Works
31503 7b0f D MCP Telecom Telephone Maintenance (Oscar Units) Public Works
31504 7b10 D MCP Telecom Telephone Maintenance (Oscar Units) Public Works
31506 7b12 D MCP Telecom Telephone Splicing (Tango Units) Public Works
31515 7b1b D MCP RadioMnt Radio Maintenance (Romeo Units) Public Works
31516 7b1c D MCP Cmd Cntr Command Center Military
31611 7b7b D MCP Plumbing Facilities – Plumbing Public Works
31612 7b7c D MCP Electric Facilities – Electrical Public Works
31617 7b81 D MCP Faciliti Facilities Public Works
31701 7bd5 D MCP Gm Ward Game Warden Public Works
31818 7c4a D MCP Dive Ops Diving Operations Military
31923 7cb3 D MCPTransport Transportation Operations Military
31924 7cb4 D WFTB Tac 1 WFTB – Training Tac 1 Military
31925 7cb5 D MCP CnvyTrng Convoy Training Military
31930 7cba D MCP Training Training Military
31931 7cbb D WFTB Guards WFTB – Guards Military
31932 7cbc D WFTB Ammo WFTB – Ammo Base Military
31933 7cbd E WFTB Encrypt WFTB Military
31941 7cc5 D MCP L/G Lifeguards Military
31943 7cc7 D MCP L/G Lifeguards Military
31951 7ccf D FB MCP NWS Fallbrook Guards Military
31952 7cd0 D FB MCP Tac NWS Fallbrook Guards Tac Military
31955 7cd3 D FB AMMO NWS Fallbrook Ammunition Military
31971 7ce3 D MCP Uniform Uniform Units Military
63001 f619 E MCP Ammo Ammunition Military

Marine Corps Base Quantico Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
32101 7d65 D QuanPMO PMO (some encryption) Law Dispatch
32102 7d66 D QuanPMO Tac1 PMO Tac 1 (some encryption) Law Tac
32103 7d67 D QuanPMO Tac2 PMO Tac 2 (some encryption) Law Tac
32106 7d6a D QuanPMO32106 PMO Alternate Law Tac
32109 7d6d D QuanPMO AIU PMO AIU Tac Law Tac
32201 7dc9 D QuanFD Disp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
32202 7dca D QuanFD Resp Fire Response Fire-Tac
32203 7dcb D QuanFD Inc1 Fire Incident 1 Fire-Tac
32204 7dcc D QuanFD Inc2 Fire Incident 2 Fire-Tac
32213 7dd5 D QuanFD 32213 Fire Unknown Fire-Tac
32310 7e36 D Quan RdMst Base Roadmasters Military
32316 7e3c D Quan Range Range/Officer of the Day Military
32317 7e3d D Quan TBS The Basic School (some encryption) Military
32351 7e5f D Quan Range Range Control (some encryption) Military
32356 7e64 D Quan Range Range Control (some encryption) Military
32424 7ea8 D Quan Airfld Airfield (some encryption) Military
32801 8021 D Quan Range Range Control Military
32803 8023 D Quan Range Range Military
32850 8052 D Quan Trans Motor Pool/Transportation/School Buses (some encryption) Transportation
32901 8085 D Quan TBS The Basic School Military
32902 8086 D Quan TBS The Basic School Military
32903 8087 D Quan TBS The Basic School Military
32912 8090 D Quan SpecEvt Special Events (some encryption) Military
32913 8091 D Quan SpecEvt Special Events (some encryption) Military

Naval Air Station Whidbey Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
23292 5afc D NASW MP Military Police Law Dispatch
23322 5b1a D NASWFireDisp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch

Naval Base Kitsap Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
23321 5b19 D NBK FireDisp Fire Department Call-Out Fire Dispatch

Naval Weapons Station Fallbrook Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
31951 7ccf D NWSFallbrkMP Military Police Law Dispatch

Joint Base Lewis-McChord Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
8104 1fa8 D FtL MP 8104 MP”S Law Tac
8106 1faa D FtL Cam Alm Camera And Alarm Techs Public Works
8107 1fab D FtL MP Tac 1 MP Tactical 1 Primary Law Dispatch
8108 1fac D FtL MP Tac 4 MP Tactical 4 Law Tac
8115 1fb3 D FtL FireDisp Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
8116 1fb4 D FtL FireTac2 Fire Tactical 2 Fire-Tac
8117 1fb5 D FtL FireTac3 Fire Tactical 3 Fire-Tac
8212 2014 D FtL Gray AAF Gray AAF airfield maintenance units Public Works
8224 2020 D FtL PD T1 Field training Mil Police Law Tac
8520 2148 D FtLDETENTION Detention Center/? Military
8597 2195 D FtL ROTC Possable ROTC Military
8612 21a4 D FtL PD T2 Field training Mil Police Law Tac
8616 21a8 D FtL Range Range Control Military
8819 2273 D FtL Trans Transportation Units Giving Soldiers Rides Transportation
23042 5a02 D Ops Military
23047 5a07 D Ops Military
23198 5a9e D Ops Military
23272 5ae8 D Ops Military
23303 5b07 D Ops Military
23536 5bf0 D Ops Military
23625 5c49 D Ops Military
23793 5cf1 D Ops Military
23794 5cf2 D Ops Military

Special Events Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
63034 f63a E MCM 2007 Military
63035 f63b E MCM 2007 Military
63036 f63c E MCM 2007/Butler Relay 2008 Military
63038 f63e D MCM 2007 – Course (mostly encrypted) Military
63039 f63f D MCM 2007 – COC (mostly encrypted) Military
63040 f640 E MCM 2007 Military
63041 f641 E MCM 2007 Military
63043 f643 E Butler Relay Butler Relay 2008 Military
63044 f644 D MCM 2007 – Medical (mostly encrypted)/Butler Relay 2008 Military
63045 f645 D MCM 2007 (mostly encrypted) Military
63046 f646 D MCM 2007 (mostly encrypted) Military
63047 f647 E Butler Relay Butler Relay 2008 Military
63048 f648 D MCM 2007 (mostly encrypted) Military
63049 f649 E MCM 2007 Military
63051 f64b E MCM 2007 Military
63052 f64c E MCM 2007 Military
63053 f64d E MCM 2007 Military
63054 f64e D MCM 2007 (mostly encrypted) Military
63055 f64f E MCM 2007 Military
63056 f650 E MCM 2007 Military

We have been lied to.

We need to take a step back from the propaganda machine that has been churning out hate and confusion, creating the enemy we must hate and sowing dissent and fear.  When we see that everyone is the same in their basic human desires and when we fully understand we can all live in peace if it were not for the interference of our ‘government’.  Then, we can truly focus on our deserved life of family and love.

It’s happening everywhere!

All over the world the NWO is slowly introducing controls over our food. This keeps us plugged into the system.

America IS fighting back… but they don’t show you.

Civil unrest and demonstrations are ramping up, but the coverage on big media is one sided (that’s being generous).  Here are some scenes that give you an idea of how upset people are… and how they ARE expressing themselves…   We the people outnumber them 100,000 to one.  This basic math is what they strive to keep us in the dark about.  The truth is, as it has always been, that if we stand up and refuse.  There is nothing they can do.  Egypt needs to happen HERE… NOW.  This means peaceful mass resistance by clogging the very mechanisms by which they function.  Airports, Federal buildings.  Be the gum in the works.  They cannot overpower us unless we let them… and we are letting them.

Anyone Confused about JFK and Executive Order 11110?

Make no mistake, this president tried to change America and get her back on track with the Founding Father’s original intent.  For his trouble he was unceremoniously wacked.  If his planned changes had been allowed to continue, we likely would be living in a very different world.  As a child I didn’t quite understand why so many people thought of the JFK assassination as something akin to the end of the world.  Now… I do.  It was a crossroads, and we as a planet went down the wrong road.  The evil festering Federal Reserve was allowed to continue it’s long term plan to cut the rug out from under the United States, move all manufacturing and ownership AWAY from the American people.  We are near the end of their plan set in motion over 100 years ago.  Mr. Kennedy, wherever you are.  This human humbly thanks you for sacrificing your life attempting to divert the earth from the rise of the New World Order.

The internet is littered with articles and information about this idea, but surprisingly most people have no clue about what Kennedy was trying to accomplish.  If it became public knowledge that the ‘FED’ murdered Kennedy, they might actually get audited for the first time since their creation over 80 years ago.


Yet one more reason to avoid Windows, like you really need another one.

Can you Trust your Computer?

“…There are proposals already for US laws that would require all computers to support treacherous computing, and to prohibit connecting old computers to the Internet. The CBDTPA (we call it the Consume But Don’t Try Programming Act) is one of them. But even if they don’t legally force you to switch to treacherous computing, the pressure to accept it may be enormous. Today people often use Word format for communication, although this causes several sorts of problems (see “We Can Put an End to Word Attachments”). If only a treacherous-computing machine can read the latest Word documents, many people will switch to it, if they view the situation only in terms of individual action (take it or leave it). To oppose treacherous computing, we must join together and confront the situation as a collective choice…”

‘Trusted Computing’ FAQ

“The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) is an alliance of Microsoft, Intel, IBM, HP and AMD which promotes a standard for a `more secure’ PC. Their definition of `security’ is controversial; machines built according to their specification will be more trustworthy from the point of view of software vendors and the content industry, but will be less trustworthy from the point of view of their owners. In effect, the TCG specification will transfer the ultimate control of your PC from you to whoever wrote the software it happens to be running. (Yes, even more so than at present.)

The TCG project is known by a number of names. `Trusted computing’ was the original one, and is still used by IBM, while Microsoft calls it `trustworthy computing’ and the Free Software Foundation calls it `treacherous computing‘. Hereafter I’ll just call it TC, which you can pronounce according to taste. Other names you may see include TCPA (TCG’s name before it incorporated), Palladium (the old Microsoft name for the version due to ship in 2004) and NGSCB (the new Microsoft name). Intel has just started calling it `safer computing’. Many observers believe that this confusion is deliberate – the promoters want to deflect attention from what TC actually does…”


I have been suspicious of Windows for about 10 years.  It is THE most insecure OS there is, slightly better than walking naked down the street in the winter.  What are my choices?  Well, for one… the MacOS is a Linux based system and would at the very least not tie into the Microsoft/Google/NSA/FBI group of corporations.  The best choice to remain free of tampering would be a distribution of Linux like Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mint, or Fedora.  To be blunt, they are a little bit of work to set up in order to replace the function of Windows or Mac if you are a designer/photographer/musician.  On the other hand, for most people’s use, one would only need to apply your mind no more than to reinstall Windows or the MacOS.  If you need a machine for basic things like email, web surfing, etc… Ubuntu would be a very low stress and easy setup.  In order to de-fear this process I have decided to offer anyone free technical assistance – within reason, and to the limit of my own technical experience – to assist new users in the process of getting clear of Windows.  To be able to surf without potentially sharing your activities with Google and MicroBorg is worth a few hours of applied learning.   Frankly, if a few hours of one’s time isn’t worth considering vs. the consequences… well..

Pain Causing agent is being dumped in food!

MSG gives some people headaches.  In fact the ‘glutamate’ component actually causes pain and in some triggers headaches or migraines.  Have a headache?  Take some ibuprofen, which is a glutamate blocker.  Why is it some people suffer from headaches, joint pain, fatigue and overall feeling of illness?  Likely the most important thing to avoid in food is glutamate.   It’s presence leads to pain, and anyone dosing themselves with foods containing glutamate can attest, it triggers massive headaches.  Imagine if this substance was hidden in the foods most of us eat EVERY DAY even if we actively avoid MSG.   Glutamate is EVERYWHERE.

It is nearly impossible to become healthy when every evening all we can do is take pain medication and lie on the couch feeling tired and achey.  How much would you pay to have a week without pain… a month even without a Friday headache.   What if I were to tell you that if you actively remove glutamate from your diet… this is exactly what will happen.   In fact, I have not had a headache more than once a month for over two years now.  No aches… no pains…


Pain every day will lead to depression, which will lead to genuine physical malfunction.  Chronic fatique syndrom?  Bunk.  It’s really food poisoning.

Wake Up and ACT!