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I just found it to cover a lot of important ground.  Perhaps a message many people need to hear today.

Direct evidence suggesting educational isolationism.

Any American believing they are not under the influence of an active campaign to keep them ignorant of anything outside their borders needs to take the hard plunge here. Being Canadian means we are right next door, but more or less outside the American information isolationism..
If it can be easily demonstrated statistically that most average Americans have little or no practical knowledge of Canada or anything we are about, then one must by the bounds of logic ask the question.
How much do the people know, those supporting actual Military invasion of a country overseas! Do you really know anything about Canada? If you say no, how can you as a citizen possibly decide with your votes  or your money regarding the true nature of any action by the Federal Government?

While watching this, keep in mind that nothing Rick Mercer asks is real. Rick Mercer is one of Canada’s most respected journalists and comedians. He via his own efforts has being tirelessly pointing out the net affect of education and mind control in both of our country. Don’t worry, the U.S. is only an occasional target, normally he targets our own messed up government.

Watch his “Talking to Americans”. I know it’s uncomfortable, but again, the blue pill or the red. Your choice.

More about Canada:

Australia, talking to Americans.

This is not attack on the American people by this author, but a wakeup call to parents who have children in school.  Educate your children about the world.  The institution you placed your trust in to teach and prepare your child for the world is failing you.  The world has become a big void to most Americans and the “Us vs. Them” attitude has become more and more insidiously instituted.  Take a step forward toward world peace.  Learn about the countries and peoples your own country demonizes.   If you take this step, the truth will reveal the blank areas in your knowledge, and hopefully awaken you to how you have been shafted by your own government.  This is a modern phenomenon of control, present in many countries including my own.  However, only one country has made a career of being the biggest on the block and taken up the mantle of being the school-yard bully.  It is only sensible to shield it’s citizens from it’s crimes abroad.  It’s your duty as a citizen to question each and every assault upon liberty.