When I was a young adult, merely 20 years ago, the world was different.  Not different as in cheaper, or different as in lower tech… no the difference is in freedom.  If you haven’t noticed the signs, the signs that are both biblical in tone and clear for anyone who understands how oppression and fascism begins.  Removal of constitutional rights, wrongful arrest and imprisonment, the reduction of the language (newspeak) and the ownership of the media.  If you look around and don’t see this… you are asleep, and need to wake up, and ACT!

The goal of this site is to distribute information which has for many years been either openly mocked or flatly censored in the ‘free’ press.  Once you realize that the American media is a machine for half truth’s and fear mongering it’s easy to see how we are kept in the dark about what is really going on.

Happy and healthy people are impossible to mind control.  Read, learn, share and be open and forgiving.   These are the tools that will liberate us from fear and the control.


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