the Federal Reserve wants your guns.

After nearly destroying the habitat of the entire south east United States TPTB now want any means the Libertarian south may have to actively defend itself against a totalitarianism regime.    it’s not enough to kill you, poison you and corrupt the liberty compass which your founding fathers died for, now they must ensure it’s easy to manage you in your prison too.  Gun control in every study I’ve read actually increases crime.  It’s yet ANOTHER giant lie.  Gun control is patently contrary to the wishes of the declaration of independence and the constitution of the United States.  They are actively and brutally disolving the very foundations which all the patriotic rhetoric is based until one day you will wake up to a country that has a new constitution, one that doesn’t recognise Liberty, only power and wealth.  Sorry, that’s already happened, on January 18th, 2011 the constitution was overturned by Federal court.  The U.S. you think exists, exists no longer.  The longer it takes to realise this, the more likely it becomes that these changes become the new America.  It’s pretty hard to petition the government from inside a FEMA camp.


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