Hidden Cities on Mars

Since this site is about the truth, I want to help people get to the truth.
There have been several illustrations on Youtube about how one could download and custom balance their very own ‘proof’ of hidden cities on Mars.

I first started using a camera in 1984 and have been working in digital photography since the very beginning with the Apple quicktake100. I also have extensive experience with many different film formats, scanning, printing, balancing, etc. Needless to say if there was genuine cities hidden in any of these photos, I’m pretty confident I could find it. So I started out with some optimism, but at the same time sceptical. We are dealing with an organisation some insiders are claiming can read every living being from space using their DNA. I doubted very much that they would ‘accidentally’ open such a massive hole in their smoke screen.

We all musts be very diligent about what we see. Not only to recognise hidden events through misdirection but to look closely if it appears too good to be true.

Don’t get me wrong, for an hour or so I wasn’t confident I could decide either way… however with the 2D cydonia image I found some pretty strong evidence.
1. Check each channel. (RGB)
The R and G channels are completely natural tone without any apparent blocking or artifacts. The remaining blue channel is heavily laced with an odd type of artifacting. I know that the planetary images are composed of tiles taken in long strips by the orbiter.
2. Compare blue channel artifacting against the corresponding landscape topography. In many places the grid pattern lined up. However in other places the artifacting continues through gullies, erosion patterns, and peaks alike unbroken. Which leads to the question. Why is this artifacting here?

This phenomenon is convincing enough to make many people speak out about it, yet contributing to the ammunition to mock other genuine cover-ups.
It’s my opinion as a professional photographer and a researcher of this phenomenon that in this instance the ESA has either circulated hundreds of images with a problem in the blue channel due to an issue with the process… or perhaps the orbiter has an issue in the mosaic filter in the actual orbiter. However, I tend to believe more in the idea that it’s intentionally seeded to add to the reputation that anyone attempting to question is grasping at straws.

One interesting note. Since I also work with 3D software like Vue Infinite, Lightwave and Blender I noticed perspective affects in the artifacting. This would lead me to believe that even the 2D images were not in fact the the original source but a render from the 3D creation, but from the top view.

This organisation effectively is without resource limits. They wouldn’t make an error like this.

Look for yellow lines that cross mountains. It’s clear that the artifacting isn’t a physical feature on the surface but a problem with the blue channel of the digital image.  I believe one must take natural erosion into consideration.  Sharp edged rectangular shapes running smoothly through craters and gullies alike makes no sense in a real environmental way, but makes perfect sense if the texture map running over the 3D generated object contained blocking.  It would appear EXACTLY like this.  In fact I could reproduce this pretty easily.. assuming I had the original bitmaps and the 3D object file.

I reserve the right to be corrected by further evidence.


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