U.S. Constitution sways judges less than personal opinions, and that’s ok.

It’s finally here. Tangible evidence that even the most programmed and plugged in will recognize as serious. Now, if a judge decided to put you in jail for 100 years for walking on the wrong side of the street… basically you will have no recourse. Explain to this researcher how that differs in any tangible ways from the Spanish Inquisition? The United States is now the most powerful dictatorship ever to grace the stage of history. They have both the power and apparently the will to bring the entire planet under their ever increasing darkness of their ‘Patriot Act’. Which in my opinion is the greatest insult to a Patriot possible. Why are people accepting this?

ARTICLE – Truthsquad.tv
ARTICLE – yahoo news

Possible reaction based on previous trends.
1. The story will be buried like so many others.  The people involved will be threatened and or fired and or killed.  In 1983 the popular press announced that the tenth planet had been found.  I know this because I WAS THERE.  This story is now considered fiction.  The movie Annunaki was in full production and was completely shut down and eradicated.  I remember seeing the trailer and the in progress and production artwork.  I’m a film maker as well and I was very much looking forward to this film.
2. The entire site will be nuked.  It’s happened with 70+ other sites in the past few months, Yahoo isn’t beyond such an action.   It’s less likely than possibility 1 due to the obviousness of such an action.  Though, how much more obvious can you get than your highest court supporting clear acts against it’s constitution.  If that’s not the act of a puppet court, I don’t know what is.
3. They will spin it.  We NEEDED to do this protect (insert lie here).  We are looking out for you, stay tuned to proof why each of the overturned actions was good for you.  BELIEVE.

I have archived each article, and I suggest you do the same.


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