It’s a plan to deprive you of everything you own.

Doesn’t that sound dramatic?  Most people have been programmed to react automatically with ridicule to anything that appears contra-establishment.   They have tied so perfectly into your patriotism that they rape you and you be all thankful when they return a little bit to keep you happy.     If you value your future, your home, children, dog, way of life… you will start reading, and not just here.. ASK QUESTIONS.  Do it for the people that depend on you.   Do it for the people your honour.  Do it for your country.   Thomas Jefferson was a liberty FIEND.  He never really got into federalism.  He didn’t trust it and viewed it as a necessary evil.  There is a reason he wrote “We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable…”  What’s that?  that doesn’t sound right… well, it was another that talked him into softening it to ‘self evident’.   He felt so strongly that our own mind and soul were the only yardstick for a man to follow that he wanted this concept of self examination and dedication to liberty to be sacred and undeniable, that we should therefore apply this filter to everything that follows… these truths.  He even travelled to France and participated in their revolution.  Ever wonder why out of all the European country ‘Liberty’ is on their money too?   The Statue of Liberty was a gift from… France.  Hmmm.   The United States of America was forged in LIBERTY, not Walmart or Pepsico… no, those are abominations and exactly what the founding father’s actively and with their own blood fought against.   The war is over, powermongering and money has won.  Their complete and likely long term victory is only moments away.

My father sent me this link.  He kept it because it explained an economic systerm which didn’t make sense.  The system is set up to fail and it’s outlined in detail here how it works.   Not only is the system set up to fail.  It’s set up for you to fail.  The U.S. is one of only powerful countries left that makes it’s own choices… correction… used to.   Do you really believe that if there were a vote of every single person in the country to continue to be Isreal’s war bitch… how many would sign up for that… how many would even believe that’s true!  The have already won.  The question now is how long will it take to realise this,  will it be before or after the walls go up in a way that makes resistance ineffective?  NOW is the time… not tomorrow.  Now is the time to wake up and act.

Read their economic plan.  If you know an accountant,  ask them to wade through the site like their lives depended on it.

“There is in the nature of government an impatience of control that disposes those invested with power to look with an evil eye upon all external attempts to restrain or direct its operations. This has its origin in the love of power. Representatives of the people are not superior to the people themselves.” Alexander Hamilton – Federalist Papers, 1787.

The Grandfather Report.

An series of economic reports of every facet of American government.  Economic proof that the system is rigged to fail.


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2 responses to “It’s a plan to deprive you of everything you own.

  • טיולים

    This is very interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

    • wakeupandact

      Thank you so much! I love to get feedback. Sometimes I feel like I’m one of those guys with the sandwich board walking around a crowded city shouting “the end is near!”, and getting ridicule for my trouble. 🙂

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