Having Tea? make sure it’s not Palin Tea.

The problem is that people automatically believe the ‘news’ they see on television.  It is an uphill battle to convince people that in fact the news is THE most unreliable place to get any real information.   It allows the enemy to move right in the open.  A large robot could walk by your house and if the evening news told you not to worry it was just a joint Honda – USAF test you would think about that for exactly… seconds.   Some, would get up and search online, or go talk to the neighbours about it.  This value of ‘some’ is a constant based on the civilisation.  In open free societies few people would swallow any media information as gospel.   In this age, with fearmongering and disinformation we are too overwhelmed to think about things.  We sooth our battered mind with the warm glow of plasma or LCD.   There is no shame in this, but thinking is there for a reason.  It’s understandable that we have taken refuge in technology (yes, that’s what they wanted) but it’s also no different than the line of naked humans believing they were actually going in to take a shower, in that case too, there were only a few who stood up and asked questions and said no.

This article is important, because it shows that there are people awake within the American political landscape, who are TELLING THE TRUTH about what is happening and fighting with their very lives in many cases.   The least we can do is spend a few minutes genuinely thinking, like our parents so many times admonished us, “if Joe jumped in a lake, would you too?”.   Most people today, that’s exactly what they are doing.   They are giving up their liberty in exchange for comfy time and escape from the noise.  Just as planned.

Chuck Baldwin – Restoring the Republic


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