NaCl is not Salt. We are a cash crop for pharmacorp.

I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to answer honestly.  Ok?  Here goes…

Is salt bad for you?

If you answered no, then move on to the next article.

If you answered yes, don’t feel bad, you are a victim of a conspiracy so large that frankly I don’t really know if it’s in fact one at all.

Perhaps it is just one thing after another with human nature and greed thrown in to the mix.  Whatever the cause, it’s happening now and it’s now self sustaining, and unless we do something very soon and something very dramatic it will continue to destroy our health and contribute to a myriad of diseases which we blame on other factors, not to mention the ones actually caused by NaCl.   NaCl causes disease, therefore it must be bad.  This abstracted logic, taken out of context is the weapon of the mindwar used by corporations everywhere.  Corporations are above the law, thanks to this being put INTO the law when the corporation was first created.  In fact,  a corporation is like a mini country… err.. since some are actually larger than some ‘countries’ I shall say without deception that some corporations actually exceed the power of some countries, and don’t have to follow international diplomatic channels like a country!  So… if you turn to their most feared and actively attacked weapons the common man can access, one available to all who chose to pick it up and dust it off for use… logic… you will see suddenly clearly.  “this makes no sense!”.  This eureka moment will change your life.

Back to salt vs. NaCl.

Salt as any grade 11 student will know is NaCl or Sodium Chloride.  Now this is flatly wrong.   Yes, the molecule is NaCl, but the “Salt” that has been with humanity since the beginning, the kind in the ocean, the stuff which composition mirrors the composition of all living things… no, that is certainly not ONLY sodium chloride.  No, in typical industrial fashion our mechanized forefathers decided to purify salt, and remove the unwanted ‘stuff’. The wikipedia illustration drives it home.   There is no coincidence that this illustration contains substances found in our multivitamins.    Take out all the important minerals and package NaCl as ‘salt’.  Ever wonder how it’s possible a corporation could produce a product like cigarettes which have been proven over and over to be an engineered product where the nicotine and over 200 other extremely potent toxins are taken out of the natural leaf during processing then re-added back to form a drug delivery device called cigarettes?

Doing exactly the same thing with NaCl our corporate masters have created a perfect pharmacorp revenue stream.

It’s proven that NaCl builds up quickly in our system and ends up being stored in our blood – increasing blood volume and increasing the risk of stroke and other health issues.  It’s proven that NaCl can lead to joint damage as the body also stores excess salt in one’s joints once the water in our blood has become saturated.

Why are corporations like McDonalds, KFC and others dumping massive amounts of Sodium into their foods.  Why?  I can think of no health related reason, any chef would mock-gag at the idea of putting 2 times ones daily recommended MAXIMUM dose in a single meal.  What?  What do you mean 2 times the maximum dose?  How many of you have ever taken their children to McDonalds for breakfast?  Have you sat there with the newspaper, gazing as your children be children thinking they are eating food that is at least will not make them ill.  WRONG.  A McDonalds big breakfast has a whopping 1920mg of sodium.  That would grossly exceed any child’s daily requirement.  If you then eat out again that day, you are now reaching toxic and system stressing levels.    If you do this several times a week, now you are causing serious DAMAGE and potentially shortening your children’s lifespan. This is easily verifiable, as a parent there is no excuse for not protecting them from these monsters because to protect them all you have to do is find the voice they have beaten out of you.. the voice that says “I’m the one responsible for protecting my children, not some company a thousand miles away”.

Logic Filter Engaged –

Doctors say salt  (NaCl) intake above recommended levels causes several serious diseases and problems.  Do you believe this?  Yes.

Ok.  McDonalds puts almost 2000mg in a BREAKFAST ITEM?

Ok. NaCl is in every thing… everything!  Your FDA is there to protect you… “Salt (NaCl) is bad”, accepted by the entire pharmacorp system, and in fact pushed down our throats at every turn.  NaCl though being a proven DEATH dealer is allowed in everything, and in 10x the amounts we would find actual salt…. Is there something I’m missing?

Oh, but health food stores are having their assets seized in Canada and the U.S.A. for carrying products that may harm end users… products humans have been eating for thousands of years to no proven ill.  Stevia, a natural sweetener which I use all the time tastes great and is actually good for you.  Ummm… Neotame, yeah… that’s better.. a toxic substance related to Aspartame which now the FDA will allow in products without it needing to be listed on the label!  Of course, Nutrasweet was a Monsanto company.  Monsanto, the home of GMO evil.

So if the logic filter were working the return would be – ERROR.

They are allowing you to be NaCl poisoned by permitting most food manufacturers to use as much NaCl as they want.   Here is a substance proven both by anecdotal evidence, like “my uncle Phil dropped dead from a heart attack”, and by doctors who say, “to be healthy, one must not eat a lot of salt”.  Yet the FDA is spending your tax dollars on… are you ready?  Ensuring raw almonds don’t get exported from California, ensuring you are unable to purchase food that has not been pasteurized (dead), due to “health risks”.  Banning injectable Vitamin C, to protect you from the health risks of a vitamin!  Yet… 2000 milligrams of salt in a meal targeted at children is A OK?   Has nobody out there have any parental instincts left?  Holy hell, these bastards are killing your children and doing it right in front of our faces and blaming vitamin C and mysterious brown people with MMDs.  I for one have had enough of the lies.

They megadose you with NaCl  BECAUSE it makes you sick, and because they can get away with it.   The money made every year by heart medication and the hundreds of other drugs and treatments to combat ‘high blood pressure’ and the other symptoms of NaCl poisoning.  It’s a giant evil grownup lemonade stand… and you all are the lemons.

Salt is a natural and important compound that formed in the earth billions of years ago, leached into the ocean and has been part of our evolution since the beginning. The white refined crystal that has the word ‘salt’ on it, sold in Safeway.. is not salt at all, but NaCl, a component of the ‘salt’ we humans have been ingesting.. well… since the beginning.  Let’s modify an essential part of our diet and market it as the original product, brainwash everyone into thinking it’s the real thing, then sit back and roll in the money as millions need medical products to deal with their NaCl poisoning.  Not cures mind you, since a cure in this case would be to simply stop ingesting the poison, but the give us more and different poisons aimed at MASKING the damage from the NaCl.

Salt is 80+ minerals and elements which are essential for life. These important parts are removed from table salt (NaCl) and likely sold for a profit.  The whole ‘salt is evil’ thing is a complete fabrication.  Once you stop eating NaCl by itself the problem solves itself.  You no longer WANT any more salt than you require.  It’s an evil, devious and ingenious plot really.  Feed the cattle (that’s us) NaCl… they will become mad for real salt, starved really, and will continue to gorge on NaCl in an effort to satisfy the need.   So we binge on salt in any amount they give us, because our bodies tell us we are in desperate need of these important and missing elements… salt starts to feel like water does when you are thirsty, yet, no matter how much you drink, it never satisfies.  Believe me, I know that craving.   I too was a victim of NaCl, until I stumbled upon the truth. The truth that we don’t need anyone other than our own common sense, logic and that little voice that tells you want you want to eat.  Once you remove the suppressants, the NaCl, the wheat, the dairy.   Then for the first time you start feeling like you did when you were a child.  Before all of these state mandated poisons turned your body into a chemical dumping ground and a managed resource.  Sounds mad I know.  I suppose other than the work involved and the willpower you will need to grow… what harm is there really in looking in to it.  I mean, other than if I turn out to be right, that makes you Neo waking up in a machine ruled world wishing a little bit like you could go back to being bloated and sludgy, but content in your innocent bliss watching TV and munching on GMO corn chips.   Sigh… sadly once you know the truth, it’s impossible to go back into the state run matrix.

If you don’t believe me, or if you think I’m exaggerating things… that’s OK.  Just ask yourself.  What if all this is true?  If it is, do you really want to continue to be part of that matrix?  If I’m only right about the salt vs. NaCl, then you stand to enjoy improved health, clearer thoughts, no more salt cravings, and you start tasting your food again!  It’s a win win thing.   Though, if you do find out, like I did, that NaCl is a poison that we are intentionally dosed with, meant to feed the drug industry, you may have bigger issues to work out.

Wake Up and ACT!  –  In this case, don’t buy food full of NaCl and use only natural salt.

I recommend either the Australian or the Tibetan mined salt.  This stuff has never seen an ocean, thus has never seen all the horrible crap we have been dumping into it for the past 100 years.

Please feel free to comment or contact us.  Don’t go off mad if you think any information in this article is incorrect or misleading.  I would like to hear your perspective on it.


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