Internet assumed to be U.S. private sandbox

Yes, wikileaks broke THE law.  However, like any other period in history laws are retroactively judged by the victims and if found wanting are changed, especially ones protecting mass murders, specific murder, poisoning, environmental crimes, back room deals, etc.  Why is ok to repeatedly enforce these kind of laws on Americans with the lame-ass excuse that it’s to protect you against the dark evil in the world.  What if your own government IS this dark evil?   What then?

Regarding the collateral murder video, If the U.S. were a truly a government by the people and for the people I’m willing to bet the ‘correct’ reaction would have been a government both ashamed and alarmed that it’s armed forces are out there committing atrocities in the name of ‘helping’… hmmm though… it seems if history and evidence is to be any judge, not to mention personal avidavits, the U.S. military has been doing this pretty much since it’s creation.  The pattern is pretty clear and easy to follow.  Aboriginal americans certainly agree… especially those witnessing the mass murder of woman and children at the hands of the military… then Korea, then Vietnam, then on and on.  Every time the same thing.  It’s a clear pattern and it baffles the hell out of me why everyone assumes the best about the government’s motives and actual actions!  Action, history and a lot of evidence screams otherwise.  Yet most Americans still think they are over there helping the poor Iraqis ‘get freedom’… Hello?  Americans can’t eat what they want, go where the want or even drive a car without submitting to fingerprinting.  You guys believe you are free?  Really?  You also assume this brand of ‘freedom’ will be desired by other cultures that in almost every important way is actually MORE open than your own?  All I can say is… Wow.    I won’t even get into how arrogant it is to presume judge a culture that is oh… 20 some odd TIMES older and more sophisticated.  Where is this professed open country?  Americans are fond of screaming for the world to hear that they are the light of freedom.  So freedom is what motivates a country to spend more than the ENTIRE WORLD combined on military might?   Just like a bully in a sandbox, once removed the other kids will get along fine and learn to share.

In other words, based on what we have seen so far, and more is yet to come, it’s seeming more and more like the laws protecting Americans from wikileaks and other phantom dangers have more than a passing resemblance to laws passed by the Nazi party when they first got into power,  just before they ‘came out of the closet’ and started packing people into concentration camps.  Of COURSE they don’t want organizations getting a hold of their secrets.   Keep in mind, Claus von Stauffenberg was also considered a traitor and executed for his part in the plot to assassinate Hitler, treason according to one government is usually considered a blow for freedom by it’s citizens and victims.  If the collateral murder video is any indication of what the current federalis laws are actually keeping hidden, wikileaks should have been given a congretional medal of honour…  but that’s assuming the Federal Government is still abiding by the constitution, which anyone not swallowing the ‘official story’ will find out that assumption is just that… an assumption.. they sink billions every year into ensuring this stays an assumption.  Just like a teen gone bad they are wreaking havoc behind closed doors and when anyone stands up and questions their choices they are attacked and ridiculed.   Sometimes, as what is happening recently, one freedom fighter found murdered in a land fill… another gunned down.   Anyway, I digress.

Wikileaks has been attacked by the full resources of the Empire.  However, there is good news from all this.  In spite of the Federalis best efforts, wikileaks is still up and running.  Read this BBC news item for more information about what the Empire has been throwing at them in effort to destroy them, based on the local news from various cities over North America much of this has been expunged and only a sanitized ‘Empire isn’t Empire’ story is being fed pablum-style to the public.

I for one am a lover of freedom who laughed out loud, clapped and jumped from my chair to run around the room.  Finally, resistance… finally… someone has said no to the soul-crushing evil that is the Empire.    There is hope as long as information is available and truth can be found by those who seek it.  The tragic irony here, is that so many Americans believe in their constitution and would absolutely go completely murderous rebellion if they were to find out how completely their 200 years of struggle to be a democratic nation has been co-opted and perverted.   You claim to love America?  Do you love the constitution.   I do… and I’m not even American!  The constitution has no place in what actually happens to you though, and this fact is something they will keep from you until you are sitting in a train car beside your family… wondering how this all came down… just like so many others did… six million of them I think.   This time, they are going for billions.   Are you going to be one of them?

What PayPal did to damage wikileaks likely to stay functioning.   Goal – disturb your enemies supply lines.  In this case make donation by Americans more difficult.

More information from another source.

Visa has entered the fray by refusing to allow people to give money to wikileaks.   If I wanted to go right now and use MY money to give to this organization which I believe is likely one of our last hopes for freedom, I wouldn’t be allowed.  Why?  Visa is reaching into my wallet and telling me what and where I can use this card for.  Well Visa, the scissors just had some fun, and I shall find other ways to move money around.

As a web developer from this I have garnered one very critical piece of information.  I can build websites that are immune to the Empire’s efforts to bring them down.  Don’t assume this is a fanatical statement born of paranoia.  In fact the Empire has already shut down 76 websites.  All without due process or even giving a legit reason.  Just unilaterally seized and removed from the internet.    Yet!  There is yet hope.  As concerned and active lovers of sensible life and peace, I suppose it’s not too much to ask to start getting used to surfing outside the Empire’s .com world.  .ca  .ch  .uk   these are the future tlds of free speech.



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    One small note… when I state “the U.S. military” in any context I am referring to it as an arm of those in power. In no way is the military itself evil. Though wrong action and tolerance for injustice in any form often draws evil to itself, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the military is devoid of those working for a better world. It just means that without transparency and oversight, any organization with that kind of power can be slowly taken over by unscrupulous men and become their own personal force for self gratification.

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