FDA. For Drug Association.

Like looking for a black hole, or dark matter, we should really be eating anything the FDA is actively trying to destroy.

FDA: Procter & Gamble Unlawfully Marketing Two Vicks Cold and Flu Medicines Containing Vitamin C

Seriously?  Neotame, Aspartame, and a thousand other chemicals that have been PROVEN to be unhealthy in some way are completely fine as additives.

First.  The FDA suggests 60mg of Vitamin C a day.  Ask ANY nutritionist and some doctors – ones that are not employees of the drug/money-making establishment – and they will tell you emphatically that 60mg will do absolutely NOTHING since as a dosage it’s like eating a single pea and claiming peas are useless food because look, I’m still hungry.

The true power of Vitamin C has been broadcast from the mountain tops and for the most part people have ‘gotten it’.  However, our glorious ‘health’ establishment has made sure to take that message and twist it into something we really can’t benefit from.   Eat your oranges… take your 60mg of the vitamin.  They agree with health, but only in a way to make it impossible to benefit from the food, then claim, “SEE! it doesn’t work!  so we shall ban it.”  If you thought this sounds like a direct attack on our health, then you would be correct.

In their opening move the For Drug Association goes after injectable vitamin C, which over and over  has been proven to be VERY curative for conditions for which there is nothing else for the patient to turn to.  Read the full story!

Right on the home page of www.vitamincfoundation.org in bold text:

ACTION ALERT: Now the FDA Is Going After Vitamin C!

Make sure you watch the video link on the vitamin C foundation’s website.

This isn’t science fiction, this is actually happening.  Americans, WAKE UP and act!  Your own ‘food and drug’ thugs are hell-bent on removing all curative power and health from the food you eat.   Based on precedent, I fear everyone will lie down like lambs and allow the FDA dozers to just roll right over you.  Pretty sad, considering how many of us died over the past century presumably to guard against this very thing.  Ask your grandfather what this all actually means, he’s seen a Nazi in person… He’ll know.

I wonder how the American founding fathers would feel about recent actions.  Seriously people, the founding fathers are quoted about two hundred times a day on popular media.  Anyone really take some time imagining what their reaction would be to Mcdorkalds Drive through?  Perhaps allow them to watch Judge Judy.  Perhaps be honest with yourself when you imagine their response to TSA security and the entire Patriot act.

If I had to guess it would be something like, “a true Patriot would realize the country we went to war for is no longer, and a patriot would fight with their very lives AGAINST such legislation which removes power from the people and puts it within easy reach of tyranny.”

Wake Up and ACT!


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