100 years of industrial ecological destruction = mass extinction. Go figure.

Though everything I’ve said about the U.S. military and how they may be responsible for the local rash of bird/fish deaths at the hands of a captured weapon of mass destruction.  However one earth friendly researcher has pointed out an interesting fact.  This is a widespread phenomenon, one which spreads around the world both in space and time.  It’s possible the toxic gas – similar to WWI mustard gas in the net affect on human lungs – may be the culprit, taking the time factor and the dispersed sites it may be more likely that the root cause be something else.

I’ve been aware of the polar shift for about 20 years.  Many people confuse it with the ‘crust shift’ theory which involves the crust of the planet actually sliding over the mantle in order to balance itself.  The crust sliding theory is yet to be accepted as ‘scientific fact’ but the polar magnetic shift has no such nebulous acceptance.  Now that they can no longer hide it’s tangible effects it has become recently a popular topic and now everyone seems to be able to talk about and accept this idea.  Until it showed up on mainstream media however, it was like I was claiming that our magnetic field tasted like strawberry.  To my knowledge, none of the evidence has changed in the past five years.   Now it’s readily acceptable fact because it’s acceptable on CNN.  Interesting.

The polar magnetic shift has been happening for a long time.    The research has been published in mainstream magazines such as Scientific American for quite a while.  If this phenomenon coupled with the affects of global artificial climate change could easily change temperatures in areas animals would be.  So, yes… perhaps fish were killed by ‘unseasonal’ cold… perhaps most of these deaths were caused by our dramatically changed world.   Looking back over the past 1,000,000,000 years it’s easy to pick out the mass extinctions, and it’s no surprise they appear shortly after some sort of climactic shift.  It’s not rocket science.  We have had an impact on this planet.  Personally, I believe that if honourable and good people were in charge this impact would likely be THOUSANDS of percent lower.  90% of all problems could be solved if the government simply said no based on logic and ethics and not how much they stand to make or spend.  NO you can’t sell a product that takes 20,000 years to decompose.  NO, you can’t use a fuel that pumps carbon into the atmosphere. Sorry you MUST install all available safety measures, I don’t care how much more it costs…

For every animal that has died this decade, pointlessly and by the hand of humans, I point the finger at the men and women behind the scenes happily living the high life on the very life blood of this planet.  When everything is grey and dead, and we are living a shadow existence of suffering, will ‘it’s not my fault’ really help us?  Will it take the complete destruction of all the light and life in this world to uncover the corrupt fascist currently in power.  To the MILLIONS of Americans in the Gulf region.  Do you really think that in 10 years, when you find rampaging cancer in everyone you know… do you really think that firstly anyone will step up and take the blame, and the fact there was a cure for the whole disaster sitting unused in a warehouse only a few States away.  How will the death of everyone you love be mitigated by that. Do you really believe that prior to World War One the United States Federal Government allow the interests of a CORPORATION take front seat over the needs of the citizens?  For having the most sophisticated and mobile fleet of resources and technology in the entire world the U.S. sure acted oddly by simply sitting on their hands for 60 plus days while a corporation incompetently made things worse.  Of course, it was the federal government’s lax and pro corporation legislation that allowed such a horrendous accident to occur in the first place!   Corporate power and the dollar are responsible for the loss of precious and wonderful life the scope of which may never be fully realized.  They are mad with power and the only possible outcome if things are unopposed is more destruction and death.

The massive animal deaths are a wake up call.  We allowed this to happen.  It’s time to take back the planet, for the sake of our children… for the sake of all life.  These bastards will not be satisfied until everything has been poisoned and suppressed under their boot.

This map shows the location of recent (last 10 years) mass animal deaths.  USA today can insult us all they like by expecting us to buy ‘fireworks’ as a root cause, but any person with eyes can see that each example of mass death occurred very near a heavily industrialised nation.  The worst one being of course, the United States.  A country that has mechanised and industrialised EVERYTHING, even health.  Telling the truth would lead to an outcry to change.  Change would both cost money and lead to restrictions for those who wish to make money, both are unacceptable costs.  So they continue to pollute and poison, and animals continue to die.  Oh, FYI, technically we are animals too.  Really?  it’s not crystal clear?

Apply the logic filter and wake up!


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