Yet somehow grain and dairy ended up as our primary food.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up wondering what these people were going on about pushing cheese, grain and milk on us in school.  Once I found history and the concept of evolution the way our health system is organised overnight became a joke to me.  How can a creature evolve over millions of years on one diet, then within a evolutionary blink of an eye change it completely then wonder why half the population has rampant illness and allergy related immune system issues.

We need to wake up and look at our lives and diets objectively from a natural perspective.  We don’t have a problem understanding that if we feed a cat grains and dairy they may become ill and starve to death.  Nobody would fail to understand how it’s important feed an animal food from which it can get nutrients to thrive.

So the question is, what is our natural diet?  Many people have differing opinions on this issue, but again a common sense, logical approach seems a good way to handle it.  Logically, if it’s known that grains and dairy have only been with us for less than 1/2 of 1 percent (0.4%) of our existence as Homo Sapiens, one could assume that even those living and evolving during that period, actually in a culture rife with grain and dairy how much could we really adapt?  Isn’t it logical that physical suffering resulting from affects of a diet oozing with dairy and grain might be possible?  Couldn’t it be possible that from birth we have been programmed to believe that dairy and grain are supposed to be HALF of our diet?  Examine any child’s school lunch and you will see a composition roughly inverse the way it should be.  Instant gratification and the erosion of the village family have lead to parents held hostage to their own children by big corporations.

Do you think it’s accidental that foods are loaded with salts and sugars?

Humans may have indeed eaten these foods for “millennia,” but millennia (even 10 millennia) in the overall timeframe of human existence represents 0.4%. Because the estimated amount of genetic change (0.005%) which has occurred in the human genome over this time period is negligible, the genetic makeup of modern man has remained essentially unchanged from that of pre-agricultural man [Eaton et al. 1985]. Consequently, the human genome is most ideally adapted to those foods which were available to pre-agricultural man, namely lean muscle meats, limited fatty organ meats, and wild fruits and vegetables–but, significantly, not grains, legumes, dairy products, or the very high-fat carcasses of modern domesticated animals.

The Late Role of Grains and Legumes
in the Human Diet, and Biochemical Evidence
of their Evolutionary Discordance  FULL ARTICLE


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