USA today equates one’s brain power to challenged rodent.

Apparently the mystery is solved!  Dead birds are falling in the middle of Arkansas because of professional fireworks.  In that case, I question why we didn’t see four and twenty thousand black birds falling from the sky  not one, nor two, but THOUSANDS of professional fireworks exploded over every major city world wide.  I wonder if there is some insidious global conspiracy to hide all these other fireworks-related bird deaths? No just a second, this is the only incident you say?  It didn’t even happen near any known ‘professional fireworks’ you say?  Interesting that the CDC felt these poor fireworks victims required hazmat suits.

How stupid do they really think we are.  I suppose underwater fireworks are going to be the cause of the fish washing up on shores on multiple beaches around the world.  I suppose it is sheer coincidence that an American aircraft carrying incredibly poisonous gas, a weapon of mass destruction, alas the very same stuff taxpayers recently sunk billions in looking for.  Yay!  It was found, and is now flying over continental U.S.A. killing birds and fish.  Perhaps it’s also coincidence that the other mass deaths happen to be downwind from it’s flight-path to Afghanistan.

My vote is for fireworks… mystery solved… forget… go play Xbox and WII..

Read article which I call the ultimate insult to any thinking person.


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