Don’t worry about bird deaths, worry about America.

When asked about the rash of mysterious animal deaths former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron – now an evangelist Christian – states, “…we should be more concerned about the state of America and less with apocalyptic conspiracy theories.”

Fair enough Kirk.  However, did you consider the possibility that your concern that ‘…if the U.S. were a ship, it would be sinking…” and the actions which lead to the death of all those animals might be one and the same?  Perhaps there is no mysterious biblical apocalypse, but a good old fashion one which is coming to us, thanks to greed and/or the U.S. Military.  There is ample evidence for U.S. citizens to at least question why their own government is routinely poisoning their citizens.

So my question to you Mr. Cameron, is, why are there only those two choices?

Many citizens believe the U.S. is both figuratively and literally sinking, but the cause is not this mysterious ‘economic force’ nor is it mysterious terrorists ‘over there’.. it’s your own government!  How many Americans really understand that the next thing on the block is their very way of life, but by then, it will be too late.  You don’t wait until you are dying of heart disease to start questioning the food you eat… and if you do… radical changes need to be made if you have any hope of becoming healthy.  What has been going on obviously isn’t working.  People are unhappy, sickly, overweight and in the process are destroying their own home.

The issue here is that we still trust what they tell us.  Eat this, take this drug, buy this item, etc. etc.  Do we ever really stop, look in the mirror and question anything?  Logic is your friend, but only if you hang out.  Logic says, that bad people are doing bad things, and all to make money.  They tell us lies, and believe that even those who question and point out how nonsensical the lies are, nothing will be done, and guess what… looks like they are bang on.  Mutated fish, dead birds falling from the sky.  Really?  they were scared to death?   How gullible and stupid do you think we are… ummm… nevermind.  The proof is in the pudding.  That is,  They lie,  and people forget.  So… I guess we are pretty stupid and gullible after all.

As for apocalyptic messages, does it not mean, to be an evangelical Christian respecting the literal warnings contained within the bible?  How can one consider themselves a fundamentalist Christian and casually discard the most obvious and literal sign to appear… well… ever.  Feh, dead fish on the shores, and birds falling from the sky… I mean, I know it’s exactly like the movie ‘the seventh sign’, but hey, it don’t mean squat….. it’s America, now that’s a ship that’s sinking… so ignore the birds… and also the man behind the curtain.

Wake up and act!

Watch the interview with Kirk Cameron.


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