Bird Deaths. Fish Mutations. Where are OUR hazmat suits?

I was so invested in the mysterious bird deaths being caused by random barbies dropped from commercial aircraft, or perhaps freak lightning from Canada.   Here is someone suggesting a more down to earth, reasonable and LIKELY scenario.   Wait until someone tests those birds in an independent lab outside the U.S.  Please tell me some awake citizen managed to bag one?  If not, we will be seeing “Birds found to suffer from rare form of haemorrhagic lung fever”, or some equally inane and manufactured news headline.  As long as it matches the truth just enough for people to laugh uncomfortably to themselves and write it off as a mystery.

Wake up and act.

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One response to “Bird Deaths. Fish Mutations. Where are OUR hazmat suits?

  • thomas price

    At one time I was associated with NBC warfare training and survival and some of the stories LOL were that at times men would walk through airports,train, and bus stations on one side of the coast then map how long it took for the particular organism in their briefcases to reach the other coast line and also how many contracted the infection.Of course these were only stories like the magic bullet in 1963

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